What a PTIN form change means for accountant data security

There are a lot of reasons people trust tax pros and accountants to manage their tax situations, but probably the biggest one is they need someone they trust who can confidently tackle the complicated details of tax compliance and dealing with the IRS. But who’s looking out for tax pros

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advisory Firm Marketing: State of the Union

Do you get the sense that nothing will ever go back to “normal”? Goodness, if you’re paying attention to the popular culture, you can’t help but feel like things seem to be falling apart. Popular “consensus” is falling by the wayside in an increasingly-fractured society, and the last 18 months

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Spotlight Series: “The real magic occurred when we niched”

Tune in to hear a pair of successful accounting professionals who have niched their services to a specific clientele and made significant inroads into that community in their area (and beyond). Lynn and Janet Behm work with 170 real estate professionals in Utah and abroad. Their clients are desperate for

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