What You Are Doing TODAY

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How you are responding to this cultural moment today (and I do mean today) will go a long way to determining how you will be positioned when it’s eventually subsided.

Because you have choices.

The world is beginning to split apart at the seams, and arguments are reaching fever pitch.

You can focus on all the noise,

or you can get busy building and serving.

As Andy Dufresne once said, you can either get busy living, or you can get busy dying.

“Yes, Nate … but what does this MEAN for my firm, TODAY?”

… it means that you are setting aside time to work ON your firm (at least an hour per day), and BUILD capacity for the future growth that is sure to come.

… it means that you are SHUTTING OUT IRRELEVANT NOISE — things like gotcha-oriented debates about anything that doesn’t help you serve your clients TODAY

(true confession: I also struggle with this because I have opinions!).

… it means that you take a deep dive into the latest aid legislation and plan for the (many) tax planning and credit opportunities that will be available over the course of the next few years.

… and it means that you are marketing, EMAILING YOUR CLIENTS AND PROSPECTS with value-added (non-hype) emails, and seeing the long-term picture.

(We can help with that.)

But when you see clearly, and you recognize that YOU are positioned to build something incredible through service and value … that’s when you know that you will make it.

Focusing on all the other junk these days is just going to tear you down.


And in so doing … win tomorrow.

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