The maps app is becoming a social media tool

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Yep, you heard that right.

It’s a new, under-the-radar shift (that Google didn’t announce) that provides a “newsfeed” of sorts of content from friends and nearby businesses.

Which has definite implications for how you operate your GMB profile.

I love nerding out about this stuff.

Perhaps like you do with the tax code (and I am increasingly nerdy about that as well) … and it’s why I am drawn to people who have similar nerdy intentions.

There is a subtle (but vast) difference between working with companies and people for whom you are a notch on their business bedpost — and those who are really in it to serve.

Jassen Bowman is one of those who is in it to serve. (He’s also a big nerd, and I mean that with great respect and affection.)

So when he reached out after some recent emails of mine that he wanted to host a regular webinar series with me about the mechanics of online marketing, I knew it would be a gas.

We’re discussing the new, subtle developments about the REAL drivers of online marketing success. My Director of Search, Christian will be with us too.

No hype, no pre-planned sales pitch … just pure, nerdy marketing fun.

Jassen is a particular expert in the resolution space, and has a large following among those who serve those clients — so he’d be a good one to connect with if you want to discover better ways to operate within those cases.

In this webinar we have a particular focus on local listings, GMB, and SEO nerdiness. You will WANT to hear what we talk about … some of this stuff is barreling at you fast, and you’ll want to be in the loop.

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