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I’ve served in the accounting and tax industry for 19+ years now, and there has never been a better time to market and build a successful practice. But that doesn’t mean marketing successfully is easy peasy, chicken squeezy.

I remember when I was still doing 1-on-1 coaching in the mid-2000s, and I would assign tasks to a VERY seemingly-willing CPA — who was investing thousands of dollars in coaching — some very basic marketing tasks that they just … never … got … around to.

Again, these were people who KNEW they had a problem to solve, had invested significantly in coaching from someone who had already helped build a multi-seven-figure practice … and they still didn’t get ‘er done.

So no … you’re not alone in the battle.

There are tons of self-styled gurus out there who are quick to offer you the easy button, but it’s still ON YOU.

In part, that’s why I started AdvisorProMarketer in the first place.

All 20 of us here are in the trenches DOING THE WORK on behalf of our agency clients — and doing the hard, technical, skilled stuff (writing, SEO, listings optimization, website building, security, software integrations, etc.) so you don’t have to. (If you want to talk about getting our help, go here.)

But there are still things we just can’t do for you. Marketing successfully requires you to do some important work too. See…

Only YOU can hire staff who will represent you well.

Only YOU can create the operational flow for how you can fulfill the promises you make.

Only YOU can snap a picture of your happy clients to post on various social platforms.

Only YOU can decide how you’re going to price your services.

Only YOU can get clear on the demographic, psychographic profile of your ideal client type.

We can do a lot … but we can’t do all that. You are the make-or-break point in marketing your business successfully.

And then there are the many little things — optimizing your time habits, your technology hygiene, and more.

The very bad news I have for you today is that YOU have to decide the answers to these questions.

The very good news I have for you today is that you GET to decide the answers to these questions.

And if you want to talk about any of this … we’re here to help.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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