Word on the tax industry street — and how to keep ramping up

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What I’m hearing from some tax pros I’m talking to is that this tax season has been a bit of a mess.
Some are doing much better, some are about the same … and some have been affected by all the mess.
Well, we’ve got some things cooking around here that I’m getting very excited to share with you in the next few weeks and months, but I know that REGARDLESS of how your season is going, you have to keep pushing. We’re looking at less than 50 days left in tax season, and right now (still), your priority is to keep bringing in new clients — and ensure that the ones you had come back and refer. 
So, to that end, here’s a quick tip to ensure this happens:
1) Go through your existing client list (have a staffer do this) and identify your “normal” January/February clients — and which ones haven’t already came in.
2) Outbound call them (if you have a large list, a good resource is www.CallFire.com which can automate the dialing aspect of it for you), and have a simple conversation to ask if they need any help pulling their paperwork together.
3) If the client waffles, be armed with an incentive to make an appointment in the next two weeks. Many times your clients and prospects need a small push in the right direction, and a simple discount or gift certificate is always a nice motivator. Set that appointment over the phone.
4) Follow-up via email — with both those you reached, and those you didn’t. Remind the ones you reached of their appointment (and give them the incentive in the email), and those you didn’t communicate the same message.
This may feel like “business 101” — but it shocks me how many business owners aren’t doing these simple steps.
Keep cranking out there, my friend — and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you.

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