What To Do Right Now Before Tax Season

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My wife and I piled the kids into the Suburban and made the cross-country trek back to Charlottesville, Virginia (where we lived for 10+ years) for a wedding.
We’ve already had a fantastic trip (yes, four kids in the car did GREAT), but it’s true: you can never really “go back”. The kid at the coffee shop I used to frequent was fired for stealing. The roads have changed. Friends have moved, the faces are different … it’s just … a different place for us now.
Which brings me to your clients.
The last time we were here was just about one year ago. And already, the place feels radically different. And chances are very good that your clients, too, are in a radically different frame of mind and/or financial situation since you met with them before or during last tax season.
Do you know about their changes?
When was the last time you sent them an email which they felt the freedom to respond to?
Have you taken the time to look over the books of your write-up clients for revenue increases, decreases, staffing changes, capital improvements or other such fluctiations?
Have you invited your 1040 clients to share their fears and struggles with you — and their successes?
These changes are a ripe opportunity for you to get pro-active before tax season to let them know that you care … AND to bump *your* bottom line in the process.
It’s time to go on a treasure hunt.
Take the time today or early next week, to review the books or to reach out to your 1040 clients and invite them to have a tax planning session or a  biz analysis. But what will make this invitation *effective* is when you come to them with evidence that you’ve done your homework. Find out what’s really happening, and they’ll rush to sit down with you.
But do it soon! Tax season clamors its way to us pretty shortly.

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