Most websites for accountants and tax firms lack two key elements

So make sure your website bases are covered…

Let’s start with the basics. Websites for accountants and tax practices should be – at their base value – a true content hub to feed the search engines. You can have the prettiest, most custom website out there, but if searchers can’t find it, no one will be reading it but you.

Many websites look nice and pretty – impressive, even. But the MAJORITY of websites for accountants and tax pros have NO mechanism in place to capture contact information from visitors.

And that even includes the quite lame (and very tired) “Sign up for our Newsletter” box.

“Creating the lead” should be the most fundamental function of the website for ANY service professional.

And this is especially the case for websites for tax professionals and accountants.

Why is this?

Well, you’re not running a charity and you’re not an info-tainment provider.

Therefore, websites for accountants and tax firms have two primary purposes:

  1. To get people to buy something or make an appointment to come see you.
  2. To get someone to opt into your email list.

That’s it.

And, can we agree that you’re probably not going to be preparing many tax returns online? That’s not your competitive edge – especially with TurboTax and the other big-brand behemoths out there.

Your competitive advantage over those large brands is found in your relationship with your clients and prospects.

So … answer this:

Just how many *cold* (non-referral) visitors can make any kind of decision regarding who they’ll trust with their most intimate financial details based on a website?

The answer, of course, is not very many.

Sure, you MIGHT get a phone call (is your phone number prominent?), but even then — you’ll need to be well-prepared with a very good pitch to “close” a discerning prospect.

But if you build a relationship over time with your website visitors, new client acquisition becomes much, much simpler.

So, the mechanism to build that relationship — and a good reason WHY your visitor might be willing to allow you that opportunity — should be mandatory on nearly every page of your website.

Because, once you collect the name and email addresses of your website visitors, you can build REAL relationships with them (remember “leverage”?) and make your firm the only and obvious choice for their tax and accounting needs.

And that, of course, translates well for YOUR competitive edge … and to well-paying clients, month after month.