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It is not so important who starts the game but who finishes it.
– John Wooden
No, I’m not talking about birds this week.
Do you “tweet”? By that, I mean: do you use Twitter? What about Facebook? You riding this new wave of what’s being called “Social Media”?
Well, maybe you are…but here’s the thing: you could be making a BIG mistake.
I’ll explain more of my reasoning in this week’s Marketing Strategy Note…but before I get to that, I again want to thank so many of my clients and friends who have written me the past few weeks in congratulations on our adoption of two young Ethiopian siblings into the family. It’s been an incredible journey–made even more special by the kindness of friends like you.
I want you to know that I really do read *every* email sent my way, and that you’re always welcome to send in questions, concerns, etc. about market and run your growing business. We’re here for you! In fact, we wouldn’t be here without you…so THANK YOU!
I’m actually writing this from Hilton Head, SC, where we’ve brought the two little African tykes for the week. Yes, their little minds are about to be BLOWN when they see the ocean and the beach for the first time. When we arrived to our rental last night, the elevator in the house provided some amusement…but man–can’t wait to see their expressions when they see the “big water” (yes, they’re learning some English–that’s what they screamed when we passed over the bridge crossing over a small little inlet. I’ll let you know how they respond to the *real* “Big Water” 🙂 ).
Anyway…I mentioned that you could be making a big mistake by jumping onto the “Social Media” bandwagon these days. Oh, and even if you aren’t, you MUST read this week’s Note, because it applies to you too.
Well, here’s the deal…
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Nate Hagerty’s
“Profit For Life”
Tax & Accounting Business Marketing Strategy
Don’t Be a “Twit” (Unless…)
If you’re NOT using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… it may feel like you’re being left to the side while the cool kids party.
I’m here to tell you–you’re being smart (for now).
You see, these sites (and other “social media) can become just one big mesh of various time-wasting social hangouts. Too many, in fact. Some do provide value. But I think we’re going to start seeing some of these fall by the wayside and weed themselves out. Did you know that internal Twitter statistics show that 70 % of Twitter users STOP using the service after one month? That’s a problem.
But that’s not the main problem. Here it is:
Why are you messing with Twitter and FB when your own website sucks?
Ouch, I know that’s blunt…but it’s the truth.
You see, you can “tweet”, “friend”, “link-in”, etc. to your little heart’s content…but don’t think that it will get you much business UNLESS your main business website is optimized to actually SELL your services!
Social Media sites are great for connecting with friends, etc. In fact, I’ll confess to using Facebook, but I only do so for personal reasons…because I haven’t seen a valid model for actually monetizing that space yet. And that is ESPECIALLY true for the small service business, like yours.
And you run a business…not a cocktail party.
And for that business to THRIVE these days, you absolutely must invest in the most important advertising space you’ve got right now: your main website.
That’s the big problem with relying on those cheap, commoditized “cpa site” solutions out there, which many of my clients use–they’re not optimized to sell. They’re a glorified brochure, slapped up online…and they’re leaving you with thousands of dollars worth of prospect business LOST on a monthly basis.
That’s why you shouldn’t even be messing with this “Social Media” fad, unless your own website has some key elements–which the VAST majority of my clients are currently missing (I know, I’ve checked).
The very good news for you, is that I’ve been working alongside Internet Marketing Expert, “The Leads King” Bob Regnerus, and have put together a special webinar to address this topic for you–among a few others.
You see, your tax business’ marketing really can run like a well-oiled machine when you get this one thing right. Don’t rely on “cheap” solutions for something which could actually be bringing in a boatload of clients when done right.
So…while I don’t normally like to “promote” anything in this space, we really can’t give you all the information you need in one little Strategy Note.
So register now (it costs nothing)==>  .
I’m also bringing in one of my longtime clients, who has fixed this problem–and he’ll tell you how he did it.
That’s enough for now. Hopefully, I’ll see you Thursday.
Until then, God bless you–and your firm!
Nate Hagerty
PS–If that date and time doesn’t work for you, on the webinar, I’ve got two suggestions for you:
1) Change whatever you’ve got cooking to make sure you can come. It really will transform your marketing forever.
2) Register anyway–we WILL do a limited replay…but it’s certainly only going to be sent to registered participants.

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