This Is Leadership

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In our industry, we carry a great deal of weight.

When we serve businesses (as many of our members do), we are often the difference between staying in business … or dissolution. The ERC credits that many are helping to process right now for their SMB clients are just one of about five different credits and government programs that have proven to be the only thing keeping many local economies afloat.

And yes, I’m leaving aside the argument about the necessity and execution of such credits and programs — because for your SMB clients, it doesn’t actually matter.

What matters is that you are there to help them.

This is leadership.

For your 1040 clients, we are *just now* emerging from a nationwide (global) fog, filled with anger, confusion, disease (and death), disruption, and economic catastrophe. Many of your clients remain locked in fear, or burdened by massive family challenges because of this season.

But you get to be a voice of hope, in whom they have placed their trust.

This is leadership.

If you take it up, of course.

It’s not easy for advisory professionals to “make the switch” to become what that hoary industry cliche describes: The Trusted Advisor … but for those who do, it’s actually the ONLY way through the rising commoditization of our practices.

It’s what we’re seeing in our agency clients who have allowed us to speak on their behalf to their client base…

Practices of lasting value.

Higher multiple upon exit.

Referrals that multiply, seemingly every month.

… all because these CPA’s and practitioners have chosen to speak directly into the lives (and wallets) of their clients, and not satisfy themselves with cheap, commoditized “tax tips” for their relationship nurture strategy.

You put out that pabulum, and you will continue to putter along with an ever-increasingly-commoditized practice, vulnerable to the AI and to the sharks (hello, Kevin O’Leary) and to the rapid changes occurring in our industry.

But leadership … leadership is the way through.

Don’t neglect the opportunities you have to speak directly into the lives of your clients. They need you, even now as the world seems to be opening up a little.

Because if not you … then who?

Serve the world unselfishly and prosper.


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