The rise of Social Media is here to stay

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If you realize that all things change, there is nothing you will try to hold on to … there is nothing you cannot achieve.
– Lao Tzu
This topic has my laser-like attention–and I’m going to give you some feedback about it…because websites as we know them WILL be changing forever.
I’m not even talking about the difference between crappy websites (oh, and they’re pretty much the norm in our industry) and ones which actually bring you business. That’s a topic I will continue to hammer–because the entire “marketing media” landscape is changing. And you better get on board, or face eventual extinction. And your firm website is critical.
But my eyes have been opened to what’s happening–and I’ve become alarmed for what it may mean for my tax & accounting industry friends. Truly alarmed, because so many can’t even get their website straight, that THIS is going to be pretty rough. And I recently was up until about 4:30AM strategizing about helping my clients and friends do it right [and yes–my adopted kids sleep FINE, thank-you-very-much :)].
A couple weeks ago, I shelled out about $10K to hire a couple Social Media experts to personally train me and my staff in getting this right. Primary among them is Mari Smith, who personally trained Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Guy Kiyasaki and others in how to use these Social Media platforms for BUSINESS–and get trainloads of clients.
I’ll be meeting with her and her staff in a couple weeks for in-person training–and primary to my time with her will be helping YOU, Test, do this thing right.
Because you MAY have already dipped your toe in the waters of Facebook, Twitter, or the ubiquitous (but mysteriously useless) Linked-In–and if so, you’re probably already making some big mistakes.
But hey–you’re ON there, and that’s a start.
It can be a confusing mess out there, so let me start with some information for you in this week’s Strategy Note.
[Plus, info on where you can connect with ME, as I’ll be spitting out daily information, and just having fun with you on some of those platforms.]
This really is a must-read…and I’d also like your thoughts. Why don’t you share them with me…
HERE. or HERE. …and, of course, send me an email too. I read everything!
Nate Hagerty’s
“Profit For Life”
Tax & Accounting Business Marketing Strategy

The Traditional CPA Website (really, ANY Biz Website) is Dying
Yes, it’s scary…but it WILL be true.
This particular prediction came via Forrester Research — the pre-eminent trendwatcher for business communications (and many others are saying similar things).
Here’s a shocking graf (emphasis mine):
In 2011-2012, social networks will eclipse corporate Web sites and CRM systems. Communities will become a driving force for innovation and as such, companies will be forced to formally cater to communities, signifying the trading of power towards connected customers.”
Translation: uh-oh.
Now look, I’ve always been one to sort of ignore corporate trends and rely on the tried and true for SMALL businesses (and it’s usually very different).
But the numbers don’t lie.
Facebook is now the 2nd-most visited website on the PLANET. Twitter is skyrocketing (it grew 1900% this year). And the usage numbers are a surprise: contrary to what you might think, the FASTEST-growing demographic of users on both platforms is 35+ (plus, of course, the as-expected slew of 20-somethings).
I’ve been a well-advertised skeptic of these platforms for months. I’ve been on Facebook for about three years *personally*, but didn’t do anything for our business there. But, I’ve been taking a cold hard look at the NUMBERS, as well as the specific “insider” strategies I’m learning–and, well, I’ll just say that my “boycott” stance evaporated, just last week, in fact.
Conclusion: You best get on board these trains, and fast.
“But I’ve tried, and I can’t seem to get it to work!”
That’s likely true, and that’s why I’m going to devote a special Emergency Phone Call for these strategies in a couple weeks to help you fix it.
“I don’t have the time to ‘tweet’ or to ‘play’ on Facebook.”
Again, that may be the case…but I may be able to help you there as well.
In any event, I’ll be back next week with some specific guidance on these items, as well as information for the special call. Do NOT miss it.
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