The (Many) Problems With Marketing Strategy For Accounting Firms & Tax Professionals

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… what’s that I say?

The fact is, we all have AT LEAST one.

Frankly, if you don’t, then that’s an issue itself (because more than one is coming).

I’m talking about a “problem” with internet marketing strategy for accounting firms and tax professionals.

Your problems might be different than mine, though. After all, I’ve been working with these platforms in their many (MANY) multivariate iterations since, oh, 2003 or so (pretty much ever since I have been a part of developing marketing strategy for accounting firms and the tax industry space).

And there are ALWAYS “problems” — they’re called test results. I.E. marketing data.

And problems point the way towards solutions … if you know what you’re looking for.

We’ve worked directly with over 2,000 accounting and tax practices since starting our agency in 2007 … and the problems are often.

THIS is what I hear from your colleagues in the industry:

* Outdated website. (What are the best modern design and SEO practices?)

* Flopping local SEO. (How do you rank in the “local pack” that is absolutely critical to getting more clients?)

* Dead on arrival paid ads. (Why aren’t you getting more leads from those Facebook or Google ads you’ve been running?)

* Slumping traffic. (Was there yet another Google update that caused you to lose more visitors from your site?)

There are plenty more.

I just named the most common ones I hear.

And there are two choices.

You can sit back and let it happen to you … whatever badness it may be.

Or you get resourceful, get smart, and get going.

Sadly, most accounting and tax practitioners want to leave their SEO entirely in the hands of a client or family member who might be well-meaning but who doesn’t really know how to develop marketing strategy for accounting firms and tax professionals. (I’ve seen it happen HUNDREDS of times.) You hand over the keys to your online kingdom and relinquish control.

Might as well cross your fingers and rub a rabbit’s foot while you’re at it…

Or you chase down the latest newsfeed guru and put all your eggs in one particular kind of lead generation basket.

If you don’t KNOW about SEO and at least understand the essentials, you can be easily misguided by the hucksters out there.

One of the first things you can correct when you use our methods is the Strategic and Tactical Approach to Dominating Online.

(Oh yeah, we can also help you add tons of new referrals, restructure your marketing plan to at least double the online results, and show you how to get more profit from each client … for starters.)

Your opportunity to finally get it right with your online marketing is here.

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