Tanya Shapovalova

Team Member

In her work, Tanya is attentive to details and self-organized. She works in the SEO and Website departments at TaxProMarketer, as she continues studying to become a front end developer. She believes that without humor, it’s hard to work and live in general. Even the most difficult times have always forced her to develop, learn something new and in the end those were the most successful times.

Her family lived in Ukraine, in the city of Irpin. Because of the war in 2022, they fled to Turkey. God miraculously brought them out of Irpin, when part of the city was already under Russian occupation.

Before joining TPM, Tanya and her husband had a company that organized holidays. They have three children, and her husband was the pastor of a small church for youth. Now he is a volunteer, conducting sports with Ukrainian orphans in Antalya. Tanya’s family is involved in the life and ministry of the Ukrainian and Russian speaking church in Antalya.

Her favorite family activity is foraging for mushrooms in the forest, and her hobbies are gardening and baking homemade bread.

She has a dream – to create an online project for Ukrainian women, which would enable them to work remotely.