Tax Marketing Ideas To Grow A Multi-location Tax Practice

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Anyone can slap up a Facebook page or a website and proclaim themselves an expert these days, even when it comes to tax marketing ideas.

And we’re getting to the point at which we’re all getting expert fatigue.

So instead of bringing you some flashy new guru in the space, I’m launching a new ongoing series in which we peek behind the curtains together at real experts.

George Bernard Shaw once said: those who can’t do, teach.

And our AdvisorProMarketer client, Andy Frye … he walks the walk. He leads his family’s multi-location tax practice, and has been a member of our agency client family now for a few tax seasons.

We’ve seen his traffic, revenue, and profits SURGE over that time as we have implemented our tax marketing ideas on his behalf … and we interviewed him recently to talk about exactly what he and his family do that makes their tax practice so special.

He’s a real expert because he’s doing the thing, and not trying to pump up his platform and build a following.

But he’s building one, because he has a heart to serve, and he’s actually a great teacher.
This won’t just be “story time”.

On this webinar, you’ll discover …

+ What Andy and his team are working on RIGHT NOW to prepare for the upcoming tax season (yes, even now)

+ How he and his family built a decades-long practice with a reputation for serving, and phenomenal growth

+ What specific tax marketing ideas and leadership strategies Andy has used to build his practice to a multi-location, thriving enterprise, with healthy revenue and profits … while still being able to take all the time off he needs


Lastly, if you’ve been kicking the tires about whether or not to engage us in helping you to build your practice … Andy will tell you what it’s REALLY like to have our team do his tax marketing for them, and whether or not he thinks we are just blowing smoke.

Because in 2020, his four locations EACH averaged 782 phone calls per month from the marketing we were doing.

We were even able to split out which of these phone calls originated from “discovery” searches (i.e. — from keyword searches for his category, like “tax preparation near me” or “accountant near me”, etc.), and which were from “direct searches”.

Over 72% of these phone calls were from “discovery” searches. Which equates to about 565+ prospects calling his business per month.

Oh, and none of this would be possible if all you do is throw up is a “squeeze funnel” so blindly advocated by the cut&paste guru’s who are screaming their tax marketing ideas all over Facebook.

Because these results don’t even include his advertising numbers.

Now look … obviously, these results are not typical.

But I should add: these kinds of proportions, and the GROWTH we have curated for his practice are not at all unusual.

Andy and his family have built something special, and it didn’t happen overnight. There’s way more to their story than simply “good marketing”.

So, for this, and for many reasons, you’re going to want to listen in and hear the story.

This is the FIRST, of our new monthly “Spotlight Series” in which we pick out a advisory professional, put the spotlight on them, and dive DEEP into how they built a thriving practice.

Listen in right here.

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