Tax Firm Leprosy

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There’s a curious disease in the tax professional community. One which we’ve been steadily eradicating on behalf of hundreds of tax pros throughout North America. It’s called commoditized relationships. And I’m going to be real blunt here, so put on your grown-up pants.
This condition stems from a simple source. Ease. Sure, it’s “easy” to let your website provider spit out a bunch of template articles, ones which any 8 year-old with this crazy new gadget called “Google” could pull up. Add your firm name, maybe (if you’re smart) throw in a personalized greeting. Pull up your client email records and hit SEND.
Rinse, repeat (monthly).
The problems with this approach are legion. And, it’s a steady leprosy on your business. The thing about leprosy (a horrible disease) — your faculties grow numb. You lose feeling, and you don’t realize when a limb (or worse) is steadily breaking down.
Your client (and prospect) relationships are not helped by this approach. In fact, I’ll go one step further: these relationships deteriorate when you send these tax tips emails.
Your contacts can spot from a mile away by now “off the shelf” solutions. And by relying on what so clearly is not flowing from your keyboard, there is a subtle sense which grows in the mind of the prospect:
What else are they relying on to treat me like just another number? Sure, I got (what I thought) was a nice refund … but are they really putting in the effort?
Now, I don’t write this to simply scare you. I want you to consider different ways, moving into tax season, to honor the relationships with your clients and prospects. Be more personal. Don’t settle for the Buick when you can give them the Aston Martin. It doesn’t have to cost a ton of time, or $200,000+.
But in this environment, you can’t rely on commoditized-seeming solutions. For your firm’s website, for your precious relationships with clients — for the bottom line of your family’s business.
There is a better way. Again, watch my blog for more details on how all of this can change.
Until then, God bless you and your firm!

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