Stick Your Head In The Sand?

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Last week, we had …
Ricin Letters
Marathon Bombings
Boston Locked Down
Gold and Dow Plummeted
North Korea … (what happened there, by the way?)
Seriously, the never-ending diet of media-fueled chaos (and yes — much of it is quite real) can be overwhelming for the business owner.
[Oh yes, and the continued recession.]
But you don’t have to accept this kind of chaos for your business.
Indeed, did you know that there are currently tens of thousands of businesses GROWING (like mine, and perhaps yours) in the midst of all this drama?
You see, achieving real results in this environment truly comes down to what you’re willing to accept, and how you behave in the storm. No, I’m not suggesting you become a “denier” and stick your head in the sand. That’s what your falling-by-the-wayside competitors will do.
Instead, to thrive in the economy, you must take the necessary steps to change how you market and present yourself to prospects and clients, because the buyers are still there (whatever the 24-7 news shows are saying). In fact, most of your tax clients want MORE from you, not less.
I’m in a high-level Mastermind group with men and women who are doing 8-9 figures on an annual basis, mostly in an online marketing environment (including the founder of Belk, the people who run p90X, and some other very prominent entrepreneurs), and what I hear from these guys: “I’m doing more, not less.” Marketing, that is. It’s what’s pushing the results for these high-performing business owners well beyond what’s commonly accepted in their industries.
We sit in a room together (4 times a year), talk about what’s working, what isn’t, and how we can help our clients and our businesses grow. On top of paying the toll to be a part of the group (high five figures), everyone is investing deeper, wider, more precisely-targeted into their outbound and inbound marketing. Chaos be darned.
And that’s the behavior of winners.
The lesson for you: during these times, don’t sit on your marketing, or your business. Work on it; do what it takes to get around like-minded peers and quickly implement strategies and tools which you don’t have to “re-invent”. Do what it takes. Deliver the “message to Garcia”.
I’ll have more thoughts for you next week, including some whiteboard videos Matt and I are putting together.
Don’t let yourself be a victim to this economy. Do what it takes.

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