Scrambling Among the Alps – You’re Almost There

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Here we are, post-corporate deadline … less than a month from the extension deadline … SMB clients scrambling with PPP, ERTC, installment agreement confusion, EIDL … extensions on personal returns BEARING DOWN …

It’s enough to drive you bonkers.

Talking with my friends in the industry, seeing the chatter online, I need to tell you this: you are not alone. This season has been exhausting.

That’s why we’re going to be making a big push in the next few months to help our clients with HIRING, OPERATIONS, and, of course — marketing processes that screen out bad clients.

To that end, my team has opened their calendar here to help you ensure that you are growing the RIGHT way, and with sustainable systems. If you want to maximize your ongoing leadflow AND take better care of your existing list … well, that’s what we do.

But again, in the meantime: do what you need to do to take care of your mind. National news and social media firestorms are filled with the toxicity of algorithm-fueled anger and contention — steer clear. Focus on serving your CLIENTS, your FAMILY, and your STAFF.

Let Congress, the IRS, governing authorities spin their little pinwheels … and live in the world that is.

My point: keep the main things the main things. Don’t get bogged down in junk outside of your control.

One last word for you, as we stare into our final month of the 2020 tax season (and this is one of my favorite pieces of writing that I share often):

A word upon the graver teaching of the mountains. See yonder height! ‘Tis far away — unbidden comes the word, “Impossible!”

“Not so,” says the mountaineer.

“The way is long, I know; it’s difficult — it may be dangerous. It’s possible, I’m sure. I’ll seek the way, take counsel of my brother mountaineers, and find out how they have gained similar heights … we know that each height, each step, must be gained by patient, laborious toil, and that wishing cannot take the place of working … and we come back to our daily occupations better fitted to fight the battle of life and to overcome the impediments which obstruct our paths, strengthened and cheered by the recollections of past labors and by the memories of victories gained in other fields.”

(Edward Whymper, Scrambles Amongst the Alps)


We’re almost over this mountain. I believe we’ll look back on this season as the one during which we grew together, and built something of lasting value in your practice.

If you’ve hung in there with us, and attended our (many) webinars these past many months, you’ve seen … we’re in your corner.

The best is yet to come.

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