Post Tax Season Small Business Management Tips

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You caught your breath yet?

What a doozy of a tax season. I wrote about it on my personal Facebook account and on my LinkedIn — and (especially with my personal FB friends) I was surprised by how few people KNEW how insane this past season was.

Here at TaxProMarketer / AdvisorProMarketer, we’ve been keeping our heads down and serving our agency clients … and helping our clients weed through the after-season noise and leadflow.

So in that vein, a few things I urge you to take on ASAP:

1) Reach out to your clients for a good review. Agency clients can use our proprietary ClientStack app for this, but ANYONE can send a direct link to 10-15 clients at a time (not all at once), and have them write up a review.

Even if you get a bad review … you have an opportunity to respond so that the world can understand what’s really true. You can see our review page if you need an example of how to handle the occasional negative review.

But this is the right time to ask for them.

2) Do a deep dive into your tax client data to find a niche and cross-sell opportunities. Even better, identify a monthly recurring revenue (i.e. retainer) model that fits your practice … this is the BEST time to implement this, as your clients might want the opportunity to have you “in their corner” on a monthly basis, instead of hourly or yearly / by the form.

3) Debrief your staff. We’re in this process at TaxProMarketer / AdvisorProMarketer and it is so LIFE-GIVING … both for the employer, and the employee. A simple structure you can use – Ask your team member to think of three things in each of these (three) areas:

  1. a) What have you done particularly well this year?
  2. b) What do you want to lean into / improve upon for the next year?
  3. c) How can we resource or lead you more effectively as an employer?

Similar to a 360-style review (you can ask your team members to evaluate each other as well), this WILL make your practice the kind of place that your team members want to grow at. The “Great Resignation” has mostly been a function of employees getting tired of dead-end, toxic workplaces … and looking for life in better situations — even if the salary isn’t necessarily “top of market”.

This is the time for this, while tax season is still fresh.

4) Evaluate your marketing. This is something we can do alongside you and would be happy to help you with — regardless of whether or not you are an agency client. This is what we do … let us help you find the winners and drop the losers.

Grab a time here.

I’ll be ramping back up my communication, now that busy season is receding into the rearview. Lots to talk about in 2022 … lots of places for all of us to grow together.

Talk again soon.

Serve the world unselfishly and profit.

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