advisory Firm Marketing: State of the Union

Do you get the sense that nothing will ever go back to “normal”?

Goodness, if you’re paying attention to the popular culture, you can’t help but feel like things seem to be falling apart. Popular “consensus” is falling by the wayside in an increasingly-fractured society, and the last 18 months have left an indelible mark on our world.

I don’t need to recite the litany; you can see it if you are a sentient being.

And guess what?

The same is true in our advisory industry.

It’s not just that change is happening — the PACE of that change is accelerating. Moore’s law is kicking in all over the place, and it has implications for your practice (and your tax or accounting firm marketing).

Yes, you’re tired … it’s been a whomper of an 18 months for anyone dealing with the IRS, the SBA, or (frankly) ANY SMB clients whatsoever. Let alone the stories that so many of our clients are walking through in their families.’

But therein lies the opportunity ahead of us. And it is significant.

Because, the very fact that so many of our colleagues are TIRED … well, it opens the door for YOU to build a practice of lasting significance.

And in this webinar, I gave you the tools to do so.

This is a completely new and different presentation in which I give you my “advisory Firm Marketing State of the Union” for 2021.

I cover FIVE big shifts in advisory firm marketing.

The fact of the matter is that our industry does lag behind the forefront of effective online marketing … so the shifts that we’re seeing are only beginning to trickle into being (whereas in ecommerce, for example, they are ROARING through the marketplace) …

Which, again, is why if you get on the bus NOW … you will be poised for big profits ahead.

Take a look…

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