Marketing CPA/Tax Firms with Nate Hagerty

Every CPA or tax firm wants to get more clients and grow. Now that things are continually moving towards the cloud or online space with mobile phone dominance everywhere, these professionals know they need to have an online presence that actually brings them ROI and not just paying for some cheap website service that doesn’t bring in business.

CPA & tax firms need someone to take them by the hand and do these things for them. Which is what Nate does.

Nate Hagerty is the CEO of AdvisorProMarketer, a leading marketing agency serving CPA & tax firms. He started the company in 2007 and has served thousands of firms. His team handles all kinds of services so the CPAs just take care of their clients without worrying about marketing, SEO, web conversion, Google advertising, etc. Nate is a member of Mensa and is a multi-year honoree of the CPA Practice Advisor “40 under 40”.

Dr. Jeremy Weisz flips the script in this first episode to interview Nate Hagerty about the reasons for starting his company, CPA/tax firms’ biggest pain points, and how to onboard new customers seamlessly.

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  • How AdvisorProMarketer helped a CPA client grow
  • Nate’s entry into the tax industry
  • Why Nate started his own company
  • Client’s biggest pain points & how AdvisorProMarketer’s services have evolved over the years
  • AdvisorProMarketer’s best practices with email marketing
  • How CPAs can onboard new customers seamlessly

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This episode is brought to you by AdvisorProMarketer, a leading marketing agency serving CPA & tax firms. It was established in May of 2007 in response to increased demand for real-world, relationship-building (and profit-producing) marketing tools for use in the advisory industry.

Currently, AdvisorProMarketer serves clients all across the United States and Canada who use their services to build relationships with their prospects & existing clients, as well as to grow the value of their business (for immediate cashflow and future sale-ability) by utilizing the following tools: a relational email marketing program, social media feed program, local listings management & optimization, and creating full “online marketing machines” for clients (which include SEO-optimized, conversion-centric custom websites).

AdvisorProMarketer is an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, a Digital Marketer Certified Agency, and a Yelp Ads Certified Partner.