How Optimizing Workflow Can Help Scale Your Firm

Workflow troubles in your accounting firm? Deadlines piling up and keeping you up at night? Or worse –- falling through the cracks? 

When momentum picks up in your business, the stress of increased projects and due dates can take its toll… especially when things get missed. And because the accounting world literally RUNS on deadlines, managing them and your team well is critical if you want to scale your business.

Enter David Cristello, founder and CEO of Jetpack Workflow, an Inc 5000 company. Five years ago, David saw a big need for workflow improvement in accounting firms across the board. So, from his spare bedroom, he set out to develop simple systems for improving task management and creating visibility for better team oversight. 

Since then, he and the Jetpack Workflow team have helped 6,000+ firms complete over 3 million jobs on time, saving 10 or more hours in every work week

Here David shares with TPM CEO Nate Hagerty the two biggest productivity mistakes he sees accountants and bookkeepers make, the need for deadline automation and task triggers, and the financial benefit of creating customizable workflows.

Does your firm need a workflow boost? Head over to to get your 14-day free trial and access 32 free workflow templates and the Double Your Accounting Firm book.

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  • Simple tools for tracking deadlines to get client work out as soon as possible
  • Manage your team with visibility and control
  • Biggest productivity mistakes: false starts and the task between tasks
  • Always look at the process before you look at the people

Connect with Nate Hagerty

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