Building a Marketing Plan in 2022 That Works

One of the primary ways people mess up their business is by larding it with unnecessary layers of complexity.

Whether that’s by org charts, sales processes, weird staff incentive structures, or (especially) online marketing.

We slavishly imitate these corporate structures because we don’t have the internal confidence to build something elegant and simple.

But you can build an elegantly simple marketing plan for your practice.

Don’t get tempted to drink the kool-aid of those tactically sound but strategically-dumb “gurus” who’ve “shortcutted” their way to seeming success and want to offer you a sweet drink of what they’re offering (for three easy payments).

Build a marketing plan RIGHT — from the ground up.

Instead of the latest “hack,” take a look at the fundamentals of marketing AND how they should apply to your practice (in a very simple format).

We’ll also keep you from the opposite trap in the doing: throwing up your hands and settling for the brochure-style, box-checking exercise that so many CPAs and accounting/tax practitioners enter into with the “cheap” templatized pabulum that is so rampant in our industry.

It’s a very powerful, simple framework … and one for which there are many effective online options.

AND (key part) … it works.

Check it out.

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  • Figure out who your ideal client is and target them
  • Build a relational marketing machine rather than funnels
  • Create a website that actually gets people engaged with what you’re offering
  • Email marketing still reigns supreme when it comes to reaching potential clients – leverage it

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