Attract High Paying Clients With 3 Simple Methods

Over my past 17+ years helping tax professionals like you, I’ve heard many people say that they “didn’t want to market themselves” or that “salesmanship is manipulative and evil.”

But marketing AND selling are really about building relationships.

And those are vital to our existence.

Try this: Take a breath and hold it. Keep holding it until you feel the discomfort. Then hold it a little more.


When I hear people say that marketing and selling are “evil”, I think about oxygen.

If you’re gasping for air, you’re not getting enough oxygen.

And if you’re gasping for more business,

you have a marketing or sales problem.

That’s point number one.

Here’s point number two: the biggest marketing and selling job we perform is to OURSELVES.

If we tell ourselves the story that these things are evil, then problems will follow, just as surely as if we hold our breath for too long.

But when we remember that marketing and selling are the very fuel for the growth of our business, well … things get more lively.

So it follows:

You HAVE to implement effective marketing and selling. It’s not optional. Key word is “effective”.

If you don’t, nobody will know you and they’ll get their services from someone else (who is probably not as good at taxes and accounting as you).

So the choices are:

A: Market your business and sell (effectively)

B: Lose money

Inconvenient …but it’s the truth.

Awhile back, I held a complimentary web-class with my good friend Anthony Simonie, who shared some simple, but powerful ways to MARKET and SELL so that you have business clients reaching out to you on a consistent and predictable basis.

The feedback was amazing.

There was nothing for sale but people actually got results by implementing what he taught (for free) on the class.

Here’s what one person said…

“The webinar was fantastic. I took two of the simple strategies that you taught and implemented them right away. Took me less than 10 mins and two of my ideal prospects reached out to book appointments with me that day. I’m blown away.”


Because of all the positive feedback, I’ve brought Anthony back to share his strategies again.

Only this time, he’s agreed to include an additional strategy — one you can leverage to do the majority of your selling on autopilot, PRIOR to them booking an appointment with you.

And this is one of his secret weapons.

You’ll find out what this is and how you can effectively use it in your practice too.

This “weapon” will educate, engage, and inspire your prospects to reach out to you wanting to become your client.

Additionally, Anthony and I are going to share the simple 4-part proven process that generates high-paying business clients in short fashion…

… including one under-utilized strategy he’ll be doing a live demo on, that requires $ zero in paid advertising.

Available_Black copy
Available_Black copy


  • How to sell your services for premium rates to business prospects who will be happy to pay them.
  • Where your (higher-paying) business prospects really are and how to reach them fast, without paying a dime in advertising.
  • How to dominate your market and create an unfair advantage over your competitors using my DD method.
  • How to do ALL of this while working less and staying true to your mission, yourself, and getting amazing outcomes for your clients.

…And more.

If you want to increase your profitability by working with clients who are grateful, see your value and are happy to pay you premium rates — while at the same time gaining more freedom away from work — you’ll want to get your hands on this information.

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Full Transcript from the Podcast

Nate Hagerty  00:53

All right, I think I might have been muted. But we’re starting up, folks. This is Nate Hagerty and I am excited to have you guys start. Why don’t we just some housekeeping things to begin? I’m really excited to dive in, I know busy seasons like upon us. So let’s jump in real quick. There are two options, there’s a q&a window, and there’s a chat window, there’s a Q&A that is going to probably be the best place for you to communicate once you type who you are and where you’re listening from in that q&a window, the chat window is something that we’ll be using to give you information as well. There are some free resources that we want to kind of put out in a little bit, but I’ve got Anthony Simonie with me, Anthony, are you there with me?

Anthony Simonie  01:38

I’m here. Hello, everybody.

Nate Hagerty  01:40

All right. So we’re going to talk about these three simple underground methods that the fastest-growing accounting and tax firms are using to get better clients who pay year-round. This is the stuff that can be used now, even before the busy season starts. And I’m excited because we did a somewhat similar webinar, about two months ago with my AdvisorProMarketer family. And we got such a great response. I got so many emails after that webinar. I know that Anthony talked to a bunch of people, just so much response from what that content that Anthony was able to share. Oh, and I’m glad to see you guys saying hello. Hey, Steve. Hey, Armando. Hey, Bud. Again, type where you’re listening from in the q&a box to us, and we’ll see it. But I got so much response that Anthony and I were talking and I wanted him to come back and dive even more deeply into some of these things that he went. So we’re going to dive especially into these three particular methods, one of which he didn’t even talk about in the last webinar that I think could be a game-changer for a lot of you, one of which he didn’t talk about a little bit, but we’re going to dive even deeper. And the same with the third method. But this really is for any kind of accountants, bookkeeper, tax firm, anyone who is really working to build their practice with, you know, actual marketing. And I assume that that’s everybody on the webinar today. But I can’t always assume there are some people who have kind of a stable full of clients, and you just want to kind of like prep your practice for sale. Well, this maybe isn’t the webinar for that. This is a webinar for people who want to bring in new clients, better kinds of clients, clients who will pay your round, who will pay a higher level fee. Now, this is especially going to be helpful if you have ever kind of tried some of these old methods that we’re all familiar with, you know, the cold calling and networking, and we’ll talk about that a little bit. But those kinds of older methods or slapping up a website calling good and calling that your online marketing strategy. If you’ve paid attention to me and us here at AdvisorProMarketer, you know that we do things in a different way. I’m going to dive into that a little bit on this webinar as well. But I also want you to know that nothing is for sale on this webinar, this close to tax season, we get it, we do have a free gift for you that we’re excited to share that I think is going to be really helpful, especially if you kind of hop on it quickly. But let me also in case you didn’t hear the last webinar, let me introduce Anthony a little bit Anthony is the CEO of client elevator and client elevator is actually, it’s kind of a new venture, but he’s had multiple ventures in the past that are really amazing. And this is actually how I met him years ago. We’re a part of a mastermind group called the digital marketer war room and people invest $30,000 Plus, to be part of this room we just met three times a year. Anthony, I connected for two reasons. Number one, he was from Kansas City so that was the first thing but number two, you see his beautiful family right underneath us and his kids are awesome. His wife is amazing. I’ve known her for a while as well, just over the course of getting to know Anthony. But we connected because of adoption. And you can’t tell just by looking at the family photo, but actually, Anthony’s two children were adopted. And you can tell by my photo, it’s a little more obvious that we have this in common. But it’s a beautiful thing, we love the process of adoption, which is an ongoing process. Anthony and I, we’ll both tell you, I mean, it is not just a one-time event, adoption and kind of the forming of a family and the forming of a young person, as a son or a daughter takes time. And the forming of a business takes time, too. So you know, look, we’re we both have that heart to help shape and form. But what I also love about Anthony, not only his heart like the heart of gold, anyone who talks to him, you see that real fast, so sincere, but he’s also freaking accomplished. He has worked with hundreds, probably 1000s. I don’t want to exaggerate too much. But I know you’ve worked directly with 1000s Anthony. People that help kind of start and scale their business, including a couple of former partners of Tony Robbins. If you’ve ever heard of the great sales legend, Chet Holmes, he’s worked with people who’ve worked directly with these guys and helped them to scale, as well as lawyers, financial planners, insurance, real estate folks, physicians, and now over the course of the past few months, is working directly with CPAs and tax professionals. So what’s cool is he started and grown multiple businesses that have surpassed the seven-figure per year mark, including the most recent one that he was a part of that started, he helped start from scratch that went to $1.8 million in sales during the first year, and then almost doubled to 3.4 million the second year, using really the strategies that we’re going to talk about today. And the clients that he’s worked with, they’ve all, I mean, I think the last number that he showed me was like $40 million in new revenue over the last year, of the folks that he’s worked with, including some of our own AdvisorProMarketer clients, which is really pretty fun. He has been a student of online marketing and sales and online sales for professional firms I think over a decade. And the dude is so so good at what he does. But he’s also got this adoption piece. He’s got this heart of gold I just love working with people that I can trust. And I’ve been around this kind of like online coaching and marketing world enough that there are so many sharks who just pitch pitch pitch, and there’s no substance behind what they pitch. And what I love about Anthony is not only is he sincere in their substance, but he delivers on what he talks about. So that’s Anthony. I mean, those of you who have been around me, you’re on my list, you probably know a little bit of my story. Yes, seven children. Yes, I’m very busy. We’ve got our own seven-figure agency here at AdvisorProMarketer, we’ve been working with tax professionals since 2007. We are the foremost marketing agency to the tax industry, tax, and accounting industry, and have been for years now. And our focus is really on building kind of online marketing machines that undergird. You know your practice. So what I love about what Anthony does is he, we kind of joined forces for this client elevator piece, because he is so good at the prospecting and the sales, and the mindset and the coaching. And I don’t want to be doing any of that stuff. Anthony loves that stuff. I want to be leading a team and getting geeky and internet marketing. Anthony is like gonna get a lot of fire under you to play a bigger game to simplify your life and bring in higher-end clients. So why is this important? Well, the reason why this is so important is things are continuing to just get so overwhelming for anyone who’s trying to grow a business. I mean, this says April 2018. So this is almost two years old. This, they put this thing out from time to time, these are like the logos of all of the different companies that can be used for various components of online marketing business. And this is for any small business actually, okay, because this isn’t just for the marketing agency. These are the tools that if you want to do any business, you know, in 2020 and beyond, you’ve got to understand the online marketing world a little bit and these are the tools available to you. It looks, you know, pretty simple, right? On top of the fact that there’s an overwhelming amount of landscape there’s like throwing the new newsfeed guru that pops up every 10 seconds with every next shiny object or shiny strategy. It’s no wonder that people are getting so overwhelmed and confused. So our mission today and your new mission in your practice, especially with businesses, and right around the corner are very simple. In fact, I just gave it away Your mission is to simplify, simplify, and focus on the highest leverage activities that you can be doing. And what I love about Anthony, in addition to his heart for adoption, the kind of person that he is his track record of building, oh, and I didn’t even mention the business even before the one they started from scratch. He also built to multiple, seven figures, even before that all helping people, you know, build similar kinds of businesses in their own life. So I’m going to kind of pass the microphone to Anthony, let him start his thing. We budgeted 75 minutes for this webinar, we might go a little bit over. But I also just, again, housekeeping before I kind of let him take over from here. If you do have questions, please do use that q&a area. Well, we’re gonna save the chat window for some tools that we’re gonna be offering over the course of this webinar. So, Anthony thank you again for joining my AdvisorProMarketer family and for offering this content. So why don’t you hop in brother?

Anthony Simonie  11:13

Yeah, hey, man, I really appreciate that intro. I’m actually blushing over here. So I appreciate that. So yeah. So you know, what we’re really going to do here today is we’re going to talk about a number of things. But we’re going to talk about a way to keep everything simple. So one of the things we’re gonna do is talk about how to use a unique online strategy to double and sometimes even triple your monthly income year-round, without having to grind for countless hours, right. So how to generate clients on demand using a simple process that works in today’s business world with all the changes going on, and then how to charge premium rates without worrying about whether or not people are going to pay them, then how to stop relying on just referrals to build your business. Because I’ve talked with so many of you, with past, maybe not you but just CPAs and tax and accountants, and you know, a lot of them are still just depending on referrals. So we’re gonna talk about how to let that be the icing on the cake, rather than account for everything for your new business. And then we’re gonna talk about how to do all this, even if you’re totally new to online marketing, and maybe, maybe you’ve never even generated one client online. And that’s okay. That’s gonna change today. But really quick, just so I can get an idea of where you’re at right now. Let me know if any of this sounds like you. And if it does just type the letter Y in the chat or the question box for me, does a significant portion of your income depend on the tax season itself? And then for the rest of the year, you’re scrambling trying to remain profitable? Or are you getting frustrated with the methods for getting clients that you’re using and they’ve lost their effectiveness, or maybe you’re overwhelmed just trying to figure out which marketing strategy will actually get the results that you’re looking for? Are you having to go through a ton of the unqualified prospects to kind of sift and sort to find that ideal diamond in the rough. And in the process, you just feel like you’re working too hard and burning yourself out. Or maybe you secretly know that your work is worth more than what you’re currently charging, but you’re afraid, if you raise those prices, that nobody’s gonna want to pay him. And maybe you see others in your industry working with those higher-paying clients that you want to work with, too, and you just can’t seem to figure out how they’re doing it. And a big one is, do you feel like technology or online marketing is really the enemy or a threat to your business rather than an asset. And speaking of technology, you’ve probably seen this too. It’s everywhere. So software and technology that’s making more headway into your market, right for that general type of client. So I snapped this picture just the other day at Target. And I mean, I’ve seen it in so many other places, too. But you know, look, I just spoke to an EA the other day. And he’s telling me about how the IRS sent out an article and that certain segments of the population, the general population are going to be able to eventually get their tax preparation done for free. Now, the good news is that there’s a way to beat this. And that’s what we’re gonna be talking about here today. And finally, do you feel like maybe you just can’t seem to get past a certain monthly income? You know, you’re just stuck. Well, listen, if any of those things sound like you, then I’ve got some really good news for you because believe it or not, none of those things are really the problem. The real problem is that you haven’t made two big shifts, which isn’t really all your fault, because you probably don’t know about them yet. Now, once you make these shifts, you’re going to have more control of your practice, the prices that you can charge who you work with all that great stuff that provides leverage and freedom for you to be taken advantage of a little known, but powerful strategy that we use every day to consistently and predictably generate the kind of clients that we love working with the ones that are okay with premium pricing and see the value in what we do, that’s going to be a reality for you as well. Now, you’re also going to realize that ceiling, that invisible ceiling that you’re tapping against, banging against, it really was never there to begin with. And you’re going to push through to a much higher income faster than you thought possible and be profitable all year round. And you start having conversations with those types of prospects in a matter of days, who will be thrilled to speak with you. And okay with those higher prices, you’re also going to learn how to grow your practice into more of a lifestyle business without sacrificing more time. So instead of spending all your time, you know, kissing, I hear, I’ve heard many people say, it’s like kissing the wife and kids goodbye and going off to war. Well, we’re going to talk about how to solve that here, today. And then, of course, this is going to all lead back into making sure that you get back to loving what you do that joy that you first had when you started this work. And that’s going to leave you with a calendar that looks like this full of higher-paying prospects and clients. Now, we’ve worked with, I mean, hundreds and even 1000s of clients, you know, CPAs, and with Nate involved in and, you know, tax professional over the years. So we’ve seen everything that’s being done out there. And so there’s just a ton of stuff out there that, that people are still kind of pushing, tell them that, you know, cold calling works and networking and–

Nate Hagerty  16:27

Let me just interrupt here real quick, because this is like giving me the shivers because one of the reasons why we started AdvisorProMarketer back in the day was this problem. And it’s still so endemic in the industry. I mean, there’s networking that looks different than it did. There’s like the online networking that now people are trying to do like on LinkedIn and Facebook. And people are using LinkedIn in the worst way. Basically, there’s slapping up a website, calling it good. And there’s also slapping up a LinkedIn profile and calling it good and thinking that you’ve done LinkedIn, and you’ve done online marketing when you did that stuff. That’s like the new networking. Again, what I love about kind of Anthony’s approach for both of these things is it’s so different. I do know that everyone’s trying kind of the new things that people are talking about. I mean, like there’s, there’s a lot of talk about click funnels, which is a software that creates these simple one-page websites that kind of squeezed a prospect through a particular process. And there’s value to those sort of things within an overall strategy. And I’m going to break that down a little bit. Anthony is giving me some of the time towards one of the parts of this webinar, I’m going to talk a little bit about that, as well as you know, Facebook ads, Google ads, Yelp, LinkedIn again, the thing is, again, the old way of like, slapping up the website networking, cold calling, you know, depending on quote-unquote, referrals, it is all useless unless you are putting it into a coherent strategy and making some of these shifts and Anthony’s talking about so. Anyway, I’m super excited, Anthony that you’re addressing this.

Anthony Simonie  18:14

Yeah, absolutely. Thanks for chiming in on that. So this is where really those two shifts that we talked about, come into play. So let’s just hop right into it. Now number one is going to be to stop competing on price and start competing on value. This is one of the biggest mistakes that many of you are still making. And what it’s doing is commoditizing your services, which is not going to give you the leverage and the freedom that you’re looking for in your life, in your business. So the key here is to stop fighting and scratching and clawing to get those lower-paying general clients to start attracting the better playing paying clients to the business type of clients. Now, the way that you get people to be okay, and be happy to pay you the higher fees to transition from just being a bookkeeper or tax preparer to more of a trusted adviser or a strategic partner. So you can do that by providing strategies for your clients that will help them make more money than they pay you. Right. So your clients how to save money with effective tax planning and other strategies. I mean, there are multiple ways that you can go about skinning the cat, so to speak, so help protect their wealth, and plan for retirement or a more profitable succession of their business. There are so many people out there, business owners that need this, they want this they’re looking for what you have, they just don’t know you exist yet most likely. And by the way, if you don’t have these skills with the extra type of services, the value-added services and you don’t want to learn how to how to do them. You could partner with insurance agents, financial advisors, and, and many others. It just so happens that the financial advisors and insurance players out there are being trained right now to target CPAs and tax professionals and accountants. So if you run across them, which you probably will pretty quickly if you use what I want to teach you here in a little bit. They’re going to be completely okay with having that conversation about how you can benefit each other. So keep that in mind as we as we go through this because you don’t have to necessarily get a certification, a new certification, or a new license, there are many times where you can actually just create a situation where you can offer something to your existing clients that you can benefit from to your bottom line, and not really have to do any extra work if that makes sense. So, you know, here’s the thing, if you’re not charging higher fees, there are only two reasons why you’re not doing it. And that’s either you think that your expertise isn’t worth it, or you think it is worth it, but nobody will pay it. And you might even be wondering, how are people getting, you know, 2,000, 3,000 or $5,000 per month, from their clients for their services? Well, you know, here’s the thing, you have to realize, you’re not selling your time, okay? So the hourly billing and all that kind of stuff that needs to go away, because there’s a better way for you to create leverage, and you’re not selling your knowledge either. A lot of people think that they’re doing that you’re not even selling your reputation. Now, all those things are important. But what you are selling is the value of the results that you can deliver to your clients, because that’s really all they care about. Now, if you’re thinking about, hey, if I raise my prices, I’m going to lose some of my clients, well, you might. But what happens in my experience is typically those clients that did go away, they weren’t your favorite clients to begin with. And some of them were really a pain in the rear. So what that does is open you up to more space to take on the clients you love working with. All right, so what you need to do is adjust your mindset from this hourly billing structure to the value-based and listen, people are only going to pay you what you think you’re worth. So if you can’t wrap your mind and convince yourself around the higher fees, that’s going to transfer over to your prospects, and they’re only going to pay you what you think you’re worth. Okay, so we got to do some work there, probably. But one of the ways you could do this is to increase your prices is to develop especially tax planning. And from my research, it looks like less than 2% are actually doing that, okay, create value in advance with simple video tips and other valuable content that, you know, we do a lot of this on our client’s behalf. But it positions you as an expert, and it will allow you to command a higher fee. Now the value to the clients might be tax savings or increased profits or having a trusted advisor to call when needed that peace of mind of having somebody there would pick up the phone you have an issue receive an IRS letter? I mean, you all probably experienced it. It is it’s a way to lower your blood pressure or lower their blood pressure in that event.

Nate Hagerty  22:34

Yeah, and can I just jump in on that, because I think a lot of CPAs really undervalue that aspect of what they do. I think a lot of CPAs see their or tax professionals, in general, see their business as somebody who you know, saves them money on taxes, and helps them navigate, you know, QuickBooks or whatever, zero, whatever. And, you know, helps increase profitability, but that’s actually not what your clients are engaging with you, for, they are engaging with you for a much deeper, better reason. And they are willing to pay when you tap into those reasons, because, like the reason, I use kind of our CPA that I use in our business because I don’t want to mess with that stuff. But I also love having access to a person who can speak with authority, about different ways to structure my various entities and the different investments that I’m making in the business and personal life. And, and he is exactly what Anthony’s talking about he is that that guy in my corner guy or gal, whoever it might be, um, who I can just lean on. And so your clients want that and understanding that that’s why they’re engaging you it’s not for getting their taxes done and saving on taxes. Obviously, that’s part of the deal. But that’s like the secondary thing, the deeper, more important reason that people are turning to you. And the reason why people refer you to their friends is you’re their gal, you’re their girl, you’re their guy, you’re, you know, you’re the one that they can just lean on, especially when they’re dealing with financial problems like they freak out. So people don’t realize that their clients see them that way. And so they don’t charge they charge them, like their commodity. So sorry, I know, you’re gonna say some of that stuff. But I, I’ve been in this industry for, 17 years now, and working with CPAs. And I’m seeing this over and over and over again.

Anthony Simonie  24:34

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, I was one of those business owners that was looking for that relationship. And you know, I found it and just so happens that, you know, the tax professional I use, showed me how to save $30,000 and then he charged me $8,000 to save 30 now, am I going to complain about that? Well, heck no. I’m asking how Is there any other place you can save me, you know, $30,000 It’s a value proposition. And it’s very important now you know when you’re talking with your prospects, it’s important to come across as more of an advisor like Nate said, and you can do that by offering packages like tax prep, including accounting services, or unlimited phone calls. I mean, there’s a lot of different ways that we can do this and package it up where it’s super attractive and highly valuable. But what you want to do is take that package, and then when you’re speaking with your prospects, and clients, find out what their needs are, what is it that they’re really looking to accomplish, and then wrap your proposed services around those needs and desires. And show them how it can get them to that result because that’s what it comes down to is the results. So if you shift from that mindset of hourly to just, you know, segmented services to creating this type of environment, you’re going to find that you’re going to have a lot more of these higher-end clients reaching out to you, and wanting to use you for their services, or your services to get them where they want to go. So Nate just talked about some of these things. But there are three simple questions you can ask yourself when you’re trying to kind of wrap your mind around this. And that is, what is the biggest transformation or result that anyone has ever gotten from working with you. Because this is again, it’s about the mindset with, with the prices that you charge. And it’s really important, and that’s why we’re talking about it so much here because so many of you’re still not doing it. And I’m going to push you a little bit to think differently because it will change your business. So, you know, question number one, think about that. It’s not just about the money, you save them or you know, that kind of thing. It’s, it’s, it’s more of what that that savings did for them, even on a personal level, because that money might even save their business or their marriage, or help them I had a situation where somebody needed to make more money to be able to get their child, their little girl out of a bullying situation, and in public school and wanted to get her into a private school. Okay, I wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t really kind of dig and try to find out what it was that person really wanted to accomplish. Okay. So think about that. Because what you do is way more important than just, you know, processing forms, and, you know, crunching numbers and all that stuff. So, the other thing is your prospects understand that, intuitively that they get what they pay for. So they’re going to know that if there is a higher fee involved, it’s likely that you’re an expert, you know what you’re doing. And if you have the right targets that you’re going after, they’re going to understand that you will have a real tough time getting those types of clients to tinker convert for you. All right. So now the other thing is, if you think about, if you put yourself in their shoes, if you’ve got a child that’s in a bullying situation, talking about that, again, well, do you want the cheapest solution? Or do you want the best? Well, if I’m that person, I want the very best, because I’m looking for the result, I don’t have time to mess around, I don’t want to mess around with that kind of stuff. So simple way to do this is to think about this little formula here. How many of those clients can you work with at one time. So if you think about what you’re okay with charging, and start convincing yourself that you’re worth it, because you are, and then think about how many of those clients you can work within any one given time. And then that brings you to your number. So let’s just say for simple math, 10 new clients in a month at 3000 each, well, that’s $30,000 for that month, and it doesn’t include any other service you can offer on a separate engagement. But what I can tell you what a lot of clients are now moving to that is really leveraged and creates a lot more time freedom is working with a lower number of clients at a higher monthly rate.

Nate Hagerty  28:36

By the way, this can also work for existing clients. One of the things that I think a lot of people think about is that the better kind of clients are kind of out there somewhere, some of them are actually sitting right there in your practice, and you just not tapped into their deeper needs. And you’ve not given them a value proposition that they’re willing to invest in. So that you could be the kind of person that could give them more, a lot of you can give your people more, and it actually doesn’t even require more, quote-unquote, hourly work on your behalf. It’s just framing your services in a different way. Anthony, I know that we were limited in time this week, you and I could go back and forth on this stuff. Like all day. This isn’t actually one of the three methods. This is one of the mindset shifts that set up the methods. So that we talked about so why don’t we kind of move ahead, because I think that you know, we have 45 minutes left in this webinar, I’d love to dive into these methods. Because some of these are, I think can be really, really helpful for people. If that’s alright with you, like, let’s just kind of tie bow around this. You guys need to charge more.

Anthony Simonie  29:48

Yeah, absolutely. The other thing is just making sure that you know, you’ll attract the kind of client that you are as well. So it’s really a mindset thing and you know, we can talk more about that later but it is super, super important for you To think about, you know, if you’re gonna, if you want clients to invest heavily in themselves for your service, then you’ve got to be willing to do that as well, yourself. So let’s talk about the second shift, which is to use what’s actually working right now. And one of the things that are just, I mean, it’s such a miss misunderstood and underutilized resource is LinkedIn. And so you know, you need to work with higher-paying clients at this point. So now we need to talk about how to go out and get some, okay, LinkedIn needs to be on your radar. And it needs to be something you think about daily, because there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity for you right now, on LinkedIn, with clients that are in your own backyard, and also across the nation that are looking for what you offer. Now. That’s the good news. The bad news is if you’re not using it right now, then it’s only a matter of time before somebody that’s a competitor of yours, will hop in there and start making a really big dent in your opportunity, and maybe even your existing business. All right. Now, the reason why you can get such fast results on LinkedIn is because LinkedIn allows you to go right to your ideal target. So you don’t have to worry about going through a gatekeeper, you don’t have to worry about all that typical bureaucracy or layers of you know, trying to get to them, they’re right there in front of you. And you can reach out to them, and connect with them and have conversations with them very, very quickly in multiple industries. Okay, whatever industry you want to target or that you love working with, right now, they’re on LinkedIn. And the good news is that business is what’s on their brain. They’re not thinking about the typical cat videos, nothing against cats, or cat lovers, or anything like that. But they’re just not there for that reason. And if you are also somebody who loves referral partners, well, it’s a goldmine for that, because there are tons of opportunities for you to tap into somebody else’s client database by creating a simple little relationship that can benefit you greatly. Now, the other reason why LinkedIn is so powerful is because the average income of a LinkedIn member is over $109,000. So they can afford to pay the higher fee and are happy to do so if you engage with them correctly. Now, here’s just some other tidbits to kind of put in your, in your knowledge cap there. So LinkedIn has 590 million active users, their growth is two times faster than Facebook, with their ultimate goal to reach 3 billion users. Out of that 61 million are senior-level influencers. And this part here is really important for us 40 million are in decision making positions. So again, being able to go right after them very quickly. And to make a big difference is you can do it for free every day. In fact, most of our clients spend 30 minutes or less per day. And they’re generating pretty much all the business that they can handle. These are just a couple of the little studies that are done on LinkedIn and how effective they are compared to the other social networks. But for business, to business, leads, and traffic. LinkedIn is just head and shoulders above the rest. Now, this is Ron, this is a client of mine. And Ron’s one of those guys that he was doing all the traditional stuff, he tried all the programs out there, and nothing was really working to get the results he is looking for. He attended a webinar similar to this, you know, we got to talk in, you know, we decided that he was a perfect fit for what we do he used some of what I’m going to show you here in a minute to generate the two clients that count for the 35,000 / 27,000 up there. That was all done in a matter of days. Now, not everybody gets that kind of fast result. But it’s not uncommon if you’re taking action to generate business very quickly. And he continues to generate higher-paying clients all the time. I just had him come on to the members call yesterday, we do a live call every week. And he shared some really great things on how you guys can increase your bottom line. So the biggest thing for him is that he now loves what he does, again, he was hating it. And now he looks forward to going into the office. So let’s hop into I want to share some key elements over on LinkedIn. So I’m gonna hop over in Nate, it’s gonna take me probably just a moment or two here. So if you got anything you want to add while doing that, go ahead.

Nate Hagerty  34:28

Thanks, Anthony. One of the things that I love about Anthony’s approach with LinkedIn, obviously, there’s tons of information about there out there about how to use LinkedIn. But there’s a ton of people who are showing people how to do it wrong. And one of the wrong ways is kind of pitch pitch pitch. And, you know, you identify the targeted folks you want to connect to. And then you send these introductory connection requests to these folks on LinkedIn. And it’s so obvious that you’re coming at them to pitch And I mean, I’m the target of these you guys are the target of these. If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve seen it before, you know how these skeezy, Let’s leave it there sketchy people are coming at you on LinkedIn, it’s so tricky. And there’s a much better way. So some of it starts with the profile. But like it’s also the approach. So, Anthony, take it away.

Anthony Simonie  35:34

Yeah. So listen, everybody, I’m just going to go ahead and throw this out there, like, I would highly recommend, just attach yourself to your seat. Because if you do these things I’m going to show you here, you’ll generate business.

Nate Hagerty  35:46

Oh, and by the way, I also want to tell you guys, I think it’s quite pretty soon, but one of the things that Anthony is willing to do for everybody on this webinar is actually go over your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn, like quick strategy. And he’s going to do that with you directly, or somebody on his team who’s been, you know, part of his kind of methodology for a while, we’ll go over this stuff and actually go through your profile and help fix it for you on the call. So I’m not sure when he’s going to be sharing that. But that was one of the things that I wanted him to be able to provide. So actually Anthony, can I just share that URL? or?

Anthony Simonie  36:26

Yeah, yeah, I would say go ahead. I’m just with the caveat, just make sure you stick around because we’ve got, like the stuff that you’re gonna learn right now. I’d love for you to implement it even if you want to chat with me on the phone. That’s great. And I look forward to it. But this will help. It will help you between that time and help you quickly in fact, a couple of weeks ago, or actually last time I shared this, one of the guys that were on the webinar, implemented it a couple of things and generated two appointments that same day, which is an ideal client. So, it’s powerful. But yeah, go ahead and share that.

Nate Hagerty  37:01

Yeah, I did. It’s in the chat window. It’s I think it goes right to your calendar. Anthony and your team. And Anthony’s gonna go over your LinkedIn, there’s more to this. There’s this method number one of three. So like Anthony said, like, stick around. But you can also just go ahead and schedule that right now if you know that you want just some quick help on LinkedIn and some of these other strategies.

Anthony Simonie  37:26

Yeah, obviously, it’s calendar space is limited, just because there’s only a couple of us and only so many hours a day, but yeah, absolutely. So let’s hop in here. So here, this is my LinkedIn profile. Okay, the first thing, it’s very important for your LinkedIn profile is your cover image. And that’s the first thing, the cover image, you can do yourself with a tool like Or you can have somebody over at Fiverr or somebody other, somebody else to create it for you. Just make sure it’s appropriate for your market. Very simple. The other thing that’s really important is your profile picture, your profile picture needs to look professional. Okay, it doesn’t mean you have to go on hire a photographer, but it does need to look professional, dress accordingly for your market who you’re targeting. And then make sure that your face covers a majority of that space. It’s very simple to do. For time purposes today, I won’t go into how to actually do that part of it. Because I think it’s simple to figure out on your own, you just edit within LinkedIn. But the next thing that is just incredibly important, it’s probably the most important thing on the LinkedIn profile, because it’s the first thing that people see is your headline. Okay, your headlines right here. And your headline needs to really speak to your ideal target audience–

Nate Hagerty  38:40

Anybody that sees like, connects with you sees this, this goes with every request. So that’s why it’s so important.

Anthony Simonie  38:46

Absolutely. And you know, the other thing is that, if it’s done, right, it’s gonna grab their attention just really quickly, it’s going to let them know. It’s going to basically grab them and want to pull them in, they’re going to want to know more about you. Okay, so, look at mine, I’m going to give you a formula here, there’s a character limit, it’s 120 characters. If you need help with that, just go to You can type it in there and make sure you hit that. But let me show you why that’s so powerful, just speaking on what Nate was saying. So let’s say I’m only going to worry about capitalizing there. But let’s say that people are looking, looking me up. Well, there’s two Anthony Simonie. As you can see which one stands out, okay, better headline, photo, and no photo on this one. And it’s because the profile is optimized, and a headline is just right in your face. So it’s very important because like Nate said, it goes everywhere as you connect with people as you create content on LinkedIn that is always in their face, and you want it to be very, very, very powerful. So here’s the headline formula that you can use to make sure that your headline is just, you know, just really powerful. So it’s I help blank, which is the niche or industry get blank and then blank, which would be so the first blank was would be the ultimate desired outcome. And the next blank would be a certain amount of time or using a specific method and then a call to action. So look at mine, I help service-based businesses consistently generate the right leads and clients monthly. See below then message me. Okay, here’s another one. Let’s say you’re let’s say you’re working with real estate agents or realtors. You can say I help realtors defer, reduce or eliminate the income tax, and create wealth from the savings period. Interested? Question mark messaged me. Now another way you could do that is by asking a question. The headline could be in question form. So you could say, want to reduce or eliminate the income tax and create wealth from the savings question mark? message me. Okay. The point is, is that needs to be powerful. That’s the first part of your profile. The next area that’s important is this area here, where you can input a few keywords on your industry. So for accountants use, click in here, select accountant, you’ll have up to 10 put up to 10 of the keywords here, that will auto-populate for you, a lot of them and then you could type some in and play around with that. But just make sure that it lists your services because Google loves linked in. So when you do when you produce content on LinkedIn and complete your profile, it will index on Google and show up high in the search rankings. actually, check this out. If you type in my name, look at the back. The first listing for me is LinkedIn. And what’s cool about what they do is they put a recommendation right there from one of my clients. So as you optimize this, that’s going to happen for you as well. Now the next important area is the summary. The summary should be written like a sales letter, and sales letter, meaning that it addresses your ideal target audience’s pain points, it talks about how you can solve their problem, and then positions you as the only reasonable and logical option to solve that problem. It’s important, you’re not talking about yourself too much and not bragging. And then once you get to the end of it, you want to make sure that you have a call to action. Now, I don’t have enough time to go too deep into this. But if you want to go over to my profile, and take a look at it, this is a great framework for you to work within to build your own. Now, the other important area here is what’s called the rich media section. This area with the videos, you can post testimonials, you could post PDFs, let’s say you’re giving away a free checklist for you know tax tips or whatnot, that could be all put in here. utilize that space, though because it can be powerful for you. Now, the other thing is the experience. Real quick on the experience, just make sure you’re it’s not bland, talk about what it means to your clients, like some of the wins that you’ve had with your clients, list them there, talk more in the language of why it’s important for them. And I mean, it’ll a lot of heavy lifting for you. Okay, the next area is skills and endorsements. This is important because it allows people to see what your skill sets are, and also shows social proof. It’s very simple to get these it’ll build organically over time as you start working on this system. But you can simply just reach out and ask some of your clients to go and give you endorsements. And they’ll show up here, which is just it’s really a great social proof element. And then the recommendations like I was telling you, they position one of my recommendations right at the top underneath my name when somebody goes and searches on the internet.

Nate Hagerty  43:54

Oh, let me frame this. The reason why Anthony spending this time on the profile is because when you do connect with your good prospects it’s like, I don’t know about you, but I kind of like I check out somebody’s profile, somebody sends me a connection request that is worded right and isn’t like they’re skeezy. Or maybe they don’t have any wording and they just send it I’ll check out their profile. And so like this, this is like the first step in the relationship-building process with good clients. You know, when they’re cold to you. And so this really matters. Okay, absolutely. Check out your profile.

Anthony Simonie  44:30

Absolutely, it will happen. And it’ll happen all the time on LinkedIn. That’s why we want to start with this stuff here and optimize it because it does a lot of heavy lifting for you. It causes your prospect to be pre-framed before they ever get on the phone with you. It’s powerful. So a one thing I want to do Nate, we didn’t talk about this but I want to give them something. This area here the rich media section. If anybody here for everybody that reaches out to me on LinkedIn and connects I will send you the script for what we do a 32nd infomercial 30 to 62nd infomercial, we teach our clients how to do that we give them a script because it works really well for your profile. If y’all reach out on LinkedIn and connect with me, I’ll send you that script. Is that okay? Nate? If I do that? 

Nate Hagerty  45:14

Like, yeah, man.

Anthony Simonie  45:15

Kind of too late now. Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, from there, what’s really important is the search. So that gives you kind of the basis of how to optimize your profile. Now, the search is really powerful. Because let’s talk about, let’s say you’re targeting real estate agents. Let’s just type in real estate, agent. And then and, owner, make sure we’re on people. Okay, so 155,000, let’s look where that populated from let’s select the United States. This is how you drill down. So 129,263 results. So these are owners of the real estate company. So if you’re targeting real estate agents, it’s very simple to just do this search. Come over here, this is how you connect with them, click Connect, you could add a note if you want, I like a personal note, it works pretty well. Especially if you’ve got like a free gift or something or maybe an opt-in page to send them to, you could do that and then just send it that invites sent. And then what they’re going to see if they’re going to get an email, they’re going to get a notification. And they’re going to see that you requested a connection. And then what they’re going to see is the headline, right, and then when they click on the headline, they’re going to go to your profile, when they go to your profile, it’s going to their summary is going to be in there right in front of them, they’re going to see all this great stuff that you did, and then that’s going to pre-frame them. And then when they click accept, now you can start a process to where you’re engaging with them through chat. And this is where you do that. Okay, over here. And so now, here’s something that’s really cool. Once a year, you have a birthday. Well, I had so many people reaching out for you saying Happy birthday, that was most people will just leave it at that. I went, ahead and I started engaging with people, it’s a perfect opportunity. And I tell my clients is to, to get people re-engaged or to engage with them because now they’ve reached out to you. And the balls in your court. So it’s, it’s really powerful. And it’s important that you take advantage of it as well. So this search feature, it can work with any niche or industry that you want to work with.

Nate Hagerty  47:51

There’s so much more that we could go into with LinkedIn. But I’m eager to get to method number two. So just for the sake of time, we absolutely wrap LinkedIn again, you can go to And Anthony will kind of address some of this stuff. So yeah, go ahead and check that to learn more.

Anthony Simonie  48:21

Yeah, the very last thing here, before we move on is just groups. So LinkedIn has a group for pretty much any industry that you want to work within. So if it’s real estate, you just type in real estate, and then groups. And there’s a ton of groups you can join to engage with members there and use this strategy. So let me hop back into the slides here, Nate. So we get to the other portion of this

Nate Hagerty  48:55

Good deal. Guys, I mean, this is just scratching the surface, there’s so much more with LinkedIn, that is available to him. And he didn’t give it to Sales Navigator or some of the kind of automation tools that are available that can really help to Reach out process. I mean, there’s so much I do want to highlight kind of the Anthony also, I don’t know, I’m not sure did you cover the intro section and like when you connect and how to reach out to people and do it right.

Anthony Simonie  49:34

Yeah, now I’m looking on to my screen here. Can you see the screen?


I can. Yeah. And I’m just. Well, let’s not go into that right now. But just know that there’s, there’s like a methodology for actually beginning these conversations that work versus the kind of connection requests that you and I always get, we all get, whether it’s too in your face, sales or just totally The opposite and nothing, there’s a way to actually reach these targeted again, these are you only do this with the kind of people that you know are your ideal client which stepping back, you’ve got to know who your ideal client is. But when you’ve got that nailed, and Anthony and his team can help you with that, even if you don’t have that nailed, then there’s a way that works to start booking your calendar full of this kind of ideal clients.

Anthony Simonie  50:30

Yeah, absolutely. It’s basically just using the human element, right? treat them like human being instead of like marketing atom or spam. 

Nate Hagerty  50:36


Anthony Simonie  50:37

Absolutely. Cool. So so the next method is webinar–

Nate Hagerty  50:42

Back to that thing. Just highlight, again, that elevator session. On that page. Again, the URL is directly in the chat window, not the q&a, there’s a chat window, you can click on that. There are two more methods that we’re going to go over here, we budgeted till a quarter after the hour. But I do want to make sure that everyone sees that Anthony is offering this free session, this is not a sales session, this is going to be I mean, if you want to join the clientele later, you know, member family, I’m sure that like they’ll make that available to you if you fit, but if you want, but this is intended to actually go through your stuff, and the mindset and LinkedIn and all these different areas and just help you. So I highly recommend that you take advantage of that.

Anthony Simonie  51:30

Yeah, absolutely. Thank you for that, Nate. So method number two is, it’s another one of our I call secret weapons because it’s really effective. It’s webinar marketing. So generating leads on LinkedIn combined with webinar marketing, if you do it right is one of the best ways to connect with your audience establish the authority and credibility, you need to get them to move forward. And you also create massive value for them along the way. And it also allows you to leverage your time and scale your business without spending additional hours to do so it’s kind of like a salesperson for you that pre frames them. If they’re the right fit, then they show up to your appointment, very warm and interested in what you offer. So sending them to a 25 to 60 Minute Webinar training like this will get a much higher quality leader appointment for you. And again, from there, you just kind of bring them home on the phone call if they’re a great fit. Now, for those of you who have tried webinar marketing and maybe failed in the past, I completely understand I feel you, it’s not easy —

Nate Hagerty  52:36

For those of you who maybe have never tried it. I think there’s a lot of folks that have never tried it. Because it seems scary. It’s not.

Anthony Simonie  52:45

Yeah, it can feel daunting, but with the right guidance and blueprint, you can I mean, you could crush it with a great webinar. Now, here’s how things typically go right. So chances are, you’ve been pitched or tried one of multiple these things. So the typical way is, you know, create a Facebook page, do a Twitter feed, Instagram, you know, create videos on YouTube, a high traffic blog or, you know, SEO and backlinks, LinkedIn. Or maybe they say you need the best selling book, or referrals, word of mouth. And if you do all these things, maybe you’ll get some clients, right? This is called hope marketing. And the problem is that the gurus out there, they just keep telling you to do the same things create content. And the question is Will Can any of these are all these things work? Well, yes, they can. We use all these things and get fantastic results. But the problem is that if you’re only doing these things in and of themselves, and you don’t have a conversion mechanism, like a webinar, for example, that will actually convert somebody from a prospect to a really warm appointment and then into a client, well, then it’s really all wasted time and money. Okay. So it’s important to think about this, because, you know, Nate and his team do an incredible job of all this stuff here. But there’s always a conversion mechanism in place. And it’s just one of my favorite is the webinar because it works so dang well. And so here’s the thing, you don’t have to be fancy or have a 52 step, sales funnel or any of those types of things. A great webinar can do a lot of heavy lifting. For you with a simple process, it looks like this. So you send any traffic LinkedIn or traffic from anywhere else, let’s say from you know, some of the stuff that Nate does for you to assign a page. They attend the webinar and they become a new client or an appointment. And it is really that simple. And again, it gives you that conversion mechanism to make all other stuff work that you’re doing. All you need is one great webinar. Now, we can do an entire class on how to do a webinar effectively, but I want to give you enough to be able to get you going okay, so, a great webinar will establish credibility authority and will deliver huge value. And also build a personal connection while you pick up new clients. And if you do this, right, you’re going to get new appointments with red hot prospects. I mean, that’s a given, which is great for you. But it’s also great for the people who may not become clients of yours, because they receive value every step of the way. And they leave your webinar feeling like their time was invested well, right, they didn’t waste their time. And that’s gonna set you apart from most of the other people in your marketplace. So keep that in mind, because it’s all about setting yourself apart. Now, there are three pillars to creating a really rock-solid webinar. The first is the introduction and setting the stage, which is usually from five to 15 minutes, on average, which will build a connection and set expectations just like we did earlier in the beginning. Okay, next would be 20 to 30 minutes of your story, core content, which will build a stronger connection, and then also that authority and credibility, but also demonstrate how you can help by actually helping. And then the final part of the webinar is about 10 to 15 minutes, where you wrap up and make a direct offer, also called a call to action, right for them to work with you. And once everything is optimized, here’s a great thing about it, you can automate your webinar, and this thing could be generating appointments for you, while you’re on vacation, while you’re doing whatever it is you want to do, it can be working in the background for you to make sure that you are generating appointments, not worrying about your business while you’re away. Now, when you have this conversion mechanism set up and in place, you can turn up the traffic and get a lot more out of this. So all that stuff we just talked about, you’d be doing well now, it’s going to be a lot more valuable for you. And so just to give you an idea of having an effective webinar in place, this is what one of the webinars helped generate in a 12 month period. So just under $3.4 million, just to give you an idea of how we’ve used it now, just so you know that this stuff is working for others, and webinars particularly loopy, I’m not going to go too deep into this. But she took my webinar structure and used it for a live presentation in front of a group she got a standing ovation, generate multiple clients, including one that was worth six figures. So this stuff really works well she shorten your sales cycle. She’s now up to $30,000 a month months consistently. She also just purchased her dream home on the beach in Cancun, it was a $2 million purchase. So I’m really proud of her. She told me actually on a video, I’ll send it to you. If you’re booking calls today, I’ll send you a case study. But you’ll hear her talk about how, if little Herc can do it, anybody can do it. So and that’s the truth when you have the right system. So she’s one of many that we’re, we’re helping to crush their goals. But the reason why it’s working is because it’s a proven system that just takes a cold prospect warms them up, puts them in front of you in the right mindset. So you don’t have to chase them. You don’t have to waste time with tire-kickers you could work with those types of clients you really want to work with. And that brings us to Myth number three.

Nate Hagerty  58:20

Well, one more thing about that. Are we on a webinar right now?

Anthony Simonie  58:25

You know what we are on a webinar right now.

Nate Hagerty  58:29

This is a different kind. But yes, I’ve done hundreds of webinars and I just want to amplify what Anthony said, it’s a great way to offer real value also and just connect with your community in your industry. 

Anthony Simonie  58:43

Well, Nate, you know, that’s the thing about like I’m so adamant about delivering value, sometimes I end up going over a lot of time, you know what I’m saying?

Nate Hagerty  58:52

Because we are running, we have 15 more minutes. So I don’t want to take a lot of time because this is my AdvisorProMarketer family that I’m talking to right now. And so you guys understand the concept of the multi-channel, online marketing, and how this really does undergird everything, what we do in AdvisorProMarketer. And this is actually one of the reasons why the client elevator was started. And what differentiates it from some of the other kinds of news feed experts out there is we have actually kind of deal with client elevator such that anyone who works directly with client elevator and Anthony and his team, AdvisorProMarketer is going to be doing these things underneath all of it. And so we’re going to actually provide our services, our full services to any client elevator client. And so everything about if you go back one, two slides, actually to that digital dominance method. There you guys understand that there’s more to online marketing than just having a website and there’s more than social media. than just posting, right, you’ve got to have a strategy that’s coherent around all of it. So I’m talking about email marketing, having a system for that isn’t just, you know, sending out monthly text tips, newsletter, blogging, and SEO so that when people are searching online, and there are tons of great clients, the right kind of clients who are using particular kinds of keywords to search for you, and so we can, will work directly with you to find that, but you can orient your website to be found by people who are using particular kinds of keywords, which is something that not a lot of people understand. Yes, you want to rank for, you know, the keywords that, you know, tax preparation, Montana or whatever, you know, or Manhattan, whatever your market is. But then you actually there’s what we call longtail keywords, and you can set up your website, such that it attracts traffic for the better kind of keywords, but then converts that traffic into actual prospects and leads, where you have an automated system that begins to build that relationship. This is what I mean by multi-channel and then taking care of your local listings as well. There’s a whole process for that, if you do, if you haven’t seen, I’ve done a whole, I do lots of teaching on this, this is kind of the AdvisorProMarketer of bread and butter. But one of the main things is really understanding that your prospects are going through kind of a relationship journey. And this is you can go back to those slides, Anthony. And it’s a four-part journey, the awareness stage, the engagement stage, and then the conversion and ascension stage. This is kind of like relationships in the real world, right? Where the awareness stage is like going to the bar and finding, you know, being found by the right talent. So as we go to the next slide, I think, and then the engagement stage, this is really important. And you’ve got to build a system to actually build relationships with people before you propose marriage, it is the worst weirdest thing ever to propose marriage on the first date. And too many people do that in their marketing. And so the multi-channel approach builds a system that takes people through this journey. And there are components of every part of this wheel that you’re seeing on your screen. And so you create this online marketing machine that undergirds all your of what you’re doing with LinkedIn and undergirds it actually drives traffic, if you’re gonna do a webinar, you can drive traffic and use your email marketing to drive people to a webinar, you can use your LinkedIn list to drive people to a webinar when you’ve built this other component underneath it because there’s still massive amounts of click traffic happening in the organic listings. And of course, in the advertising, which is something else that we cannot be with. But what you really need, like you need LinkedIn, especially for prospecting. But for sustainable results, you need to combine it with this multi-channel approach, which is what makes Klein elevator so special is that everything is like not only do you get the coaching on LinkedIn, and webinar and all the different sales and positioning and pricing, but you also get connected to a team that will just do all this junk for you, ie us AdvisorProMarketer. And obviously we’ve got stories up the Ying Yang. I mean, we’ve been doing this for, you know, over a decade, and we are the leading marketing agency in the industry, I mean, picking up clients just from our email marketing. In the next slide, Kyle, CPA, revenues increased by 70%, just by kind of this marketing wheel that we built for him. The good thing is market size doesn’t matter. I mean, if you look at the one on the left, and the one on the right, yeah, those are two different markets and actually very different market sizes. And those are just from one component of the online marketing machine that we build-out, you got phone calls that are flying in your office because you’re out there on a regular basis. You know, this is just the Google My Business listing of one of our client’s 1240 phone calls over the course of a year, just from that component of the online marking machine. So again, this is subject for like we’d go deep on this, and I’d be glad to send you kind of our we actually just did record a webinar about this stuff with Sue CPA Academy that I could send you. But I love Anthony free to take come back and like connect all the dots here.

Anthony Simonie  1:04:18

Yeah, absolutely. So what makes, you know, all this stuff work together. And obviously, if you haven’t picked up on this, by now is really making a habit out of taking fast and decisive action daily. And if you want a little help on how to do that, there’s this book called The five-second rule that has changed just probably millions of lives at this point. But I’ve introduced it to 1000s of people and have had tons of great feedback, but it’s proven based on the actual science of the brain. And basically what it does is gives you just a little mechanism to use anytime your brain starts working against you when you’re facing an opportunity or something that’s causing resistance, and it’s not going to obviously harm you or You are causing to go broke, it’s really simple, it helps you to move forward. And it’s just counting backward from 54321. And then taking action no matter what you don’t give your way, or give yourself a way out. So if you’re getting rid of make a sales call, or you’re going to approach somebody that maybe you want to, you want to work with, or they can help you with your business. And you start feeling that resistance and helps you get through that. And once you start practicing that, I promise you, it will change your life. And if you don’t have this book, right now, I highly recommend going out and doing that now, all the stuff we’re talking about, it is really useless to you unless you take action on it, right. And we don’t want you here next year at the same spot doing the same thing because we all know what that definition is right expecting a different result doing the same thing. And I know that none of you are that way, because you’re in Nate’s family. And I was really good to you. So here’s another thing that helps you make this jump. And that is to invest in mentoring. There are two reasons why each and every one of you should have a mentor. And that’s because you get new ideas. And you also have accountability. It’s very, very important. And I’m pretty confident in saying that because you’re here right now on this webinar that you have new ideas. And you also have a kind of a feeling of because we’ve been kind of pushing you a little bit to take action to have a little bit of that accountability piece in there. And there’s a lot of magic that happens when you have that on a regular basis because your beliefs change, your actions change, and then outcomes and results, they change dramatically. So if you are in a spot right now, wherein your business, you’re not at the income you want to be, or you really want that change. If you’re not happy with that, then you need a new plan. And you need accountability. And that means you need a mentor, Nate and I practice what we preach, we’ve been in lots of mentorship programs invested hundreds of 1000s of dollars collectively and in mentoring programs, courses, even when it was a stretch for us at times. And of course, those investments pay off many times over today. And here’s a little tip for you. So if you want to have a shortcut, there’s really no shortcuts and in business in life, other than finding those that have already accomplished what you want to accomplish, you can show you how to get there without making the same mistakes and then investing whatever you need to invest to work with them. Because the amount you’re going to lose an opportunity. And your lost opportunity in actual dollars is it’s going to be a lot larger than that most time. So you want to make sure you don’t skimp on that. And if you think about its kind of like if you had a terminal illness, well, you probably want to go to a specialist over a general practitioner, because you’d want a certain result. And that’s the same way you need to treat your business because otherwise, you’re going to end up spending a lot more anyway, and losing out than if you were to just went and hired the right person, to begin with. Now, when you combine all this stuff together, all these shifts and methods, that’s what’s going to allow you to be in a position to cherry-pick and work with only those types of clients that you love working with the ones that will appreciate you will be grateful for your service, be happy to pay your fees, not to chase them around anymore, trying to collect they’re gonna love that you’re there for them, and they’re going to be happy to pay you. And if you apply all these types of things that we’re talking about today, it’s going to yield great results. So here, in a nutshell, is what you need to win us secret weapon number one, which is LinkedIn, prospecting, and client generation. Use webinar marketing, we actually give our clients templates and make it super simple for them to do this very effectively. Invest in mentorship, so focus on what you’re great at and work with others on the rest. It’s what the smartest business people in the world do. And it’s something that you should do, as well implement the digital dominance method that Nate just went through. That’s super important. And then, of course, the other thing is to take fast and decisive action daily. And if you apply these five things alone, it’s going to be enough to propel your business to levels that you probably wouldn’t believe I’ve seen it so many times. So let me just ask you a question. I want you all to just sound off in the chatbox or question box on the screen either one, just let me know is now your time is now the time to make a change in your life. To increase your business so that you’re working with the right types of clients, you’re gaining the leverage that you want to gain in your business, the freedom all that stuff you get by putting a proven system in place that will allow you to have that joy that you had when you first started your business. If Now is your time to do that and you want the rest of this year to be profitable and you want next tax season to be something you look forward to rather than something where you know it’s you get anxiety about just type that in the chat right now just like Now is your time or Now is the time or the letter wise keep it simple. So if you’re still here, now you have a choice. You’ve been listening to Nate and I talk a lot about the different strategies and all the stuff that you can do to increase your business to create an ideal situation for you. And we’ve shown you a lot of things that you could use starting right now to get results. But maybe you’re in a position where you don’t have enough clients coming in, or maybe you’ve got enough clients to come in, and but you just, they’re not the kind of clients that you love working with the ones that will pay you what you’re worth, that are grateful for your services, that’s just a win-win. So if you are in a position where you want to change that you want to work with those types of clients. Here’s what we have for you, we talked about a little bit earlier. But here’s how we can help. My team and I have set aside some time in the next few days to talk with you personally about how you can apply all the stuff we talked about to your practice, specifically starting today. And just to let you know, we’ve seen it all I mean, if you think you’re different, or you got a different situation that we can help, I can promise you that we’ve probably seen it. And it doesn’t matter whether you want to add another five or $10,000 to your business, or maybe even $100,000 in additional revenue. Whatever it is, we can help guide you. Now on this session, it’ll go for about 45 to 60 minutes, and we’ll work with you to craft a step by step gameplan. That will help you take your practice to a place where you can meet your income goals, and then exactly what you need to do to get there to attract those kinds of what people think is the rare business type of clients, well, I could tell you, there’s a ton of them there. And they’re there for the taking if you can do this, the way we’re talking about. So we’ll customize all these strategies for your market, your specific practice, and your ideal client type. Because those are three really important things. And it’s a little bit different for everybody, which is why we have to speak to you to recommend what that looks like. Right. So the call itself is free. There’s no obligation, there’s no slimy tactics or high pressure, we don’t operate like that. And it’s just because we don’t need to, and we don’t believe that creates a situation where everybody wins. So with that being said, there is a catch. And here it is, the first and foremost and most obvious probably to you is that you need to take fast action on this today. And then you have to be absolutely committed to hitting your income goals. And to do that with integrity, and a true concern for your client’s well being. And along those lines, you really must be great at what you do. And you must be able to deliver real results. So if you’re brand new to the advisory profession, that’s awesome. It’s just right now if you only work with a handful of clients, now probably isn’t the right time for you. But we would love to talk with you a little bit later on once you get a little bit more, you know, experience and clients under your belt. Now, you also must be willing to have skin in the game to grow to the next level. Now if you’re just dipping your toes in the water, and you’re not ready to take action and do what it takes to get to the next level to where you want to go, then you’re probably better off searching the internet for something else. And if you go that route, look, there’s no judgment whatsoever. If that’s what you choose to do, we’re really just looking for those people that want help to leapfrog ahead. And in order to do that we just know after all the people we’ve worked with, and all of our experience that you must be willing to take action have some skin in the game. So if that’s you, I’d love for you to book a session and talk with you personally on the phone, go over to, grab one of the remaining spots on the calendar. And then after you do that, just be sure to fill out there are a few questions that I want you to answer to tell me a little bit more about you your business so that when we get on the phone, we can make the most of our time together. Now you may be wondering why we’re doing this. Why is this free? Well, first off, Nate and I have this common thread where we just love to give back. We love helping business owners grow. And that’s the entire reason why we’ve created this partnership because that is our belief. And then on the call, what’s going to happen is you’re going to get total clarity about exactly where this whole strategy that we talked about will apply to your practice, and then what the steps are that you need to take to achieve those goals. And then secondly, once we talk about that and come up with a plan to transform your practice, you may want our help to make that happen. If we think it’s a great fit for both of us and if that’s the case, then we could talk about the details and we might invite you to become one of the few clients that we take on this month. But if it appears there’s not a fit there, then we won’t even bring it up but either way, you’ll get some real help. You’ll get clear And some insight on your practice you probably have never gotten before. And so it’s, it’s a very valuable phone call for you to participate in. And the truth of the matter is, we really, we’re only looking for win-wins when it comes to bringing on clients, we don’t bring on clients just for the sake of bringing them on, it has to be the right person. And, you know, that’s just because we have a very high success rate, we want to be able to provide value for everybody. But those that are ready for the program that is the right fit, those are only the people that we’re going to bring in. So it’s not going to be kind of a herd everybody in the type of situation, we just don’t, we don’t operate like that. Now, if we do work together, we will put you through the same mastermind program and create the same marketing system and process processes for you that will keep your pipeline full of your ideal prospects and clients. It’s the same system and processes that we’ve used in our own businesses and that the successful clients, we work with us as well, that helped take control of the pipeline and the income. And it’s designed to get you to your income goals and beyond with maximum leverage by utilizing these assets and strategies. And just to give you an idea, we’ll be expecting you to generate new leads and clients within just a few weeks. Now, I want you to imagine right now, never worrying about what your next lead or client is coming from. Because you have the support, the mentoring, the systems, and the processes in place that you can trust, to handle all of that stuff and not worry about the changes in marketing and all that other stuff. You just worry about doing what you do best, which is serving your clients. And that’s what you’re going to get inside the client elevator mastermind. And look, this is how you will build authority and awareness, you’re going to drive engagement, you’ll attract that higher-paying lead and client that will pay you year-round, you’re going to attract amazing referral partners ascend your existing clients to the higher price services that we talked about earlier. And then you’re going to establish a complete online footprint with a winning multichannel approach so that you are the one that shows up when your prospects are looking for your services. It’s also going to be how you dominate the advertising spaces. And really important create an unfair advantage over your competition while you massively grow your business. So again, here’s what we want you to do next, First, decide if now’s the time for you, I believe now is always the time it’s never later. Because if you don’t act now, when will you write? So if the answer is yes, Book your call now over at Answer a few questions. And then that’ll give me an idea of who you are what you do. And we’ll get on the phone. And we will go over a game plan that will allow you to have incredible insight, give you some steps to take that will take your business to the next level and beyond. And just in case if you’re wondering how valuable these calls are, I know we talked about it. But look, if we say it, maybe you doubt it. But this is what somebody else said one of our clients, she said Teresa said I would have paid $1,000 for the level of conversation I received on that phone call alone, I can now pick and choose my leads at will. So it is incredibly valuable for you. And if this resonated with you, you know, I’d love to chat with you about how you can take your business to the next level. And if you want to do that and grab one of the remaining spots, head over to Nate, that’s really all I have today. I mean, they’re obviously we could spend, you know, hours and hours delivering amazing value here, but just —

Nate Hagerty  1:18:40

Yeah, man. Thank you. I know busy seasons around the corner, I highly recommend you guys get on the calendar soon. At that elevator session have already seen. I know that a bunch of people kind of privately told me they did. But thank you Anthony for treating my family so well. I really, really appreciate it. You are a family kind of guy. And I know that you care about that too. So everybody, go over to that URL, grab your free session, and meet with Anthony. He’ll go over your LinkedIn, your mindset stuff, your goals, and help you so please take advantage of that. Thank you again, Anthony. And guys, go kill it this year.

Anthony Simonie  1:19:21

Absolutely. Thanks, everybody. We’ll see you soon.