6 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Marketing This Year

Christian Jones (TPM CEO), Ben Greutman (Director of Innovation), and Troy Lakey (TPM Co-Founder) coming at you with the six most notorious mistakes they’ve seen tax pros make with their marketing (and how to avoid making them).

See, not utilizing the tools that are already at your fingertips to reach prospective clients or retain existing ones is ensuring that your business stalls out and crashes and burns.

Failing to make the most of email marketing and texting tools, failing to ask for reviews, failing to follow up on good leads — these all spell disaster for growth in the advisory services industry (as does nitpicking over minute details on a website and delaying putting it out on the web as soon as possible).

If you want to see new leads and real growth you’ve got to make sure you’re taking advantage of the marketing tools that foster connection with prospective clients and get your business true online visibility.

Listen in for a detailed look at the six most common mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

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  • Not taking advantage of an email marketing system means missed opportunities for relational connect with your clients — a key to marketing success in 2022.
  • Google Reviews are the lifeblood of a company’s online presence… so you’ve got to be asking for them from satisfied clients.
  • Focusing too much on minute details instead of taking your website live means missing out on good SEO — remember, a website is a conversion tool, not a calling card.
  • Not ignoring leads and not missing out on scheduling them when the call is a no-brainer.

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