People don't want to get 'sold'

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“If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there?”
– Basil S. Walsh

I’m hoping to keep this note short and sweet, as we just found out the my wife’s father has passed away after a months-long struggle against brain cancer. We’re in Ohio, getting ready for the wake (in three hours)…but I really wanted to pass this along, as it’s been burning at me all week to get to you. Ok, it may not be TOO short…but I know it’s sweet.
Nate Hagerty’s
“Profit For Life”
Tax & Accounting Business Marketing Strategy

Clients Hate This…and So Do Business Owners
About 2 months ago while driving my car down the freeway, a stone flew up and put a small star-like crack in the lower right corner of my windshield.
I knew at some point that I should get it repaired or replaced, but because it’s out of view and I’m pretty busy, it’s not a priority for me right now.
Well, just last Sunday I went to the car wash.  As it happens, my local car wash recently started having “salespeople” stand out there looking for cars with cracks in the window to sell them a new windshield. 
Extra revenue, I suppose. The economy, and all that.
Problem is, these guys jumped in my face like starving vultures, groping me and my car to “hard sell” me a new windshield. 
Now, I appreciate good salesmanship, but frankly…I was repulsed by the hard-core tactics these guys were using, and I immediately walked the other way. One guy even followed me right up to the cash register, but that just reinforced my decision to avoid him like the plague!
And that’s when something dawned on me that’s so important to you.
See, even though I know I need a new windshield, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle before I let some back alley sales jerk arm-twist me into buying HIS windshield.
I knew I needed to buy a new windshield, but: I DIDN’T WANT TO BE SOLD!
Has this kind of thing ever happened to you? Well, the truth is that people WANT to buy, but they DON’T want to be sold.
Buying implies they are in control.  Being sold is the opposite. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
So how does this apply to YOU becoming more successful in your tax business? Simple.  Most gurus try to get you to create a marketing plan full of “the hard sell”.
What they don’t tell you is: That’s the LAST thing people want!
My life changed the minute I learned the FIRST rule of selling: It’s a MORTAL SIN to make someone feel like they’re being sold.
You’ve got to do something else.  You’ve got to HELP your prospect.  Help him (or her) solve a problem or achieve a goal. Or even just feel better.
And that’s why I’ve designed my relationship-oriented marketing to cross this bridge for you.
Your entire life will change for the better when you learn to PULL prospects toward you, rather than PUSH yourself on them.
So rather than give you clever cold call scripts and hard-core tactics that will add nothing but stress and pressure on your life, in our material, you’ll find relationship-oriented direct-response goodies which address the PROBLEMS and DESIRES of your prospects.
It’s a critical element, which you may very well be missing.

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