On Mobile Marketing for advisory Firms

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When I was named one of CPA Technology Advisor’s “Top 40 Under 40”, I was one of only two who didn’t carry a smartphone at the time.
My reasoning, at the time, was that I did NOT want to be so accessible, and give myself yet another reason to not be fully “present” with whomever I found myself. I’ve seen too many people walk around like iPhone zombies, glued to their device and forgoing real interactions in favor of the virtual kind.
But I got over it. (I realized I could turn off the “new email” alerts :), which makes all the difference. And I give myself strict groundrules about using it now!)… And I’m not the only one.
Over 50% of all searches for a local business (i.e. one like yours) are now conducted on a mobile device. And that number is only going to continue to skyrocket.
Media companies, whose business model relies on ad revenue online, are staring at a whole different ballgame. And so are local businesses.
Enough such that I’m hosting a call on what this means for you, and a video about it is right here:
A few other things you should understand about the new mobile landscape…
* 9 out of 10 web searches for a business, done on a mobile device,  result in a direct action being taken, like a phone call or a map query
* 1 in 3 use mobile search more than desktop search
* In 2 years [I would personally add: if not sooner], mobile will be the dominant venue web for searches
Which means that you better have your ducks in a row for this currently-happening shift in how your prospects are looking for your services. And one of these CRITICAL “ducks” is your placement on “Google Local” — which is rapidly becoming the “holy grail” of placement for any local business, like yours.
Regardless of where your business stands now, you’d better have a plan for what the marketing landscape is going to do quite soon … if not, doing already.
Don’t get left behind.

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