My Son's Birthday Gift To You

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My son, Boaz (Bo) Raymond Hagerty, was born last Thursday, October 24th at 9:02AM. My wife and I are thrilled, obviously, and both she and baby Bo are doing great. It was a looong labor (64 hours — which, obviously, is a story … but one for another day), but my wife was/is a hero, and we got through it without any lasting injuries! This is our fifth child, but our first through birth rather than adoption. He’s our little miracle baby.
So, I’m in the mood to celebrate. (And feeling sleep deprived!)
So that’s why I’m extending you a “My Son’s Birthday Special” on our most popular service bundle.
I’m slashing $247.00 from our normal setup fees, for this week only
(And if you go to that page, you’ll see a seriously cute picture of my boy, taken yesterday.)
I’m going seriously negative on my costs here, because I know you need a “bump” for your firm before tax season — and this is the BEST way to provide it.
(And one of the major benefits, is that you ALSO get a 37 day trial to our regularly-raved-about weekly Email Marketing service.)
Now, perhaps you already have set up a Facebook Page or Twitter account … and you’ve seen how much of a hassle it can be to do it right (integrating email marketing, posting authoritative and “Social-friendly” content on a daily basis — all of which is critical!).
Or, you’ve been frustrated by all the buzz around Social Media because you haven’t seen a good model for it.
Well, this is your best chance to get it going before tax season.
But it’s going away on Friday, so don’t dally. In fact, the last time I offered this, the response was so high that I had to hire additional staff. So, I reserve the right to pull this down BEFORE Friday, for the sake of continued quality (and my staff’s sanity!).

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