Moving Forward After Busy Season

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As usual, tax season provided quite a ride for us here, and for our clients — I know you’re resting, so I’ll keep this brief.
We have some really great stuff cooking for you this spring and summer, including, in a couple weeks, my interview with an extremely successful CPA practitioner that I’ve worked with about how he continues to kill it in his practice, year in and year out.
Plus, a few weeks after that, I’m bringing in a friend who worked for Goldman Sachs for many years, who now runs a hedge fund, and will be delivering something “completely different” for you and your clients that I KNOW you will enjoy.
But this is merely a tease for you. For now … enjoy that rest. I’m still licking my financial wounds a little after realizing that the (very generous) federal and state adoption tax credits that have constituted my primary “tax plan” have run out. Those estimated tax payments I’m making now are a bear … which makes me, and everyone in your client list LIKE me, a prime prospect for tax planning. In fact, planning is just one of many under-realized-ways that many CPA’s and tax pros can add significant revenue during the “off” season.
About which, more to come.
Lastly, THANK YOU for the good work you do for taxpayers and individuals like me. You may not get it very often from your clients (unless you ask for feedback, as we help our clients do), but you are VERY appreciated for what you do!

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