Marketing Is Hard

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Marketing — whether online or offline — has never been more complicated.

Why do I say that?

Well, here’s just a small sampling of the skills and concepts you need to create an actual online marketing machine for your practice …

  • An understanding of search engine algorithms and what causes one site to “show up” more and higher than others (this is quickly becoming the most important traffic skill).
  • How paid traffic should fit into the overall strategy for a small practice or business — i.e. SHOULD you use it, what platforms perform best, what kind of targeting should you do, what are the conversion metrics … that’s just a start.
  • What is the purpose and place of email marketing? Is it just for the clicks … or are there other important use cases for a professional services firm (like yours)
  • Social media: It’s vastly different than it was even in 2020 — does it matter anymore? If so, how?
  • How do you create content that feeds the search engines AND causes actual humans to take action and use your accounting, tax, and financial services … THIS IS NEVER TO BE UNDERESTIMATED.

Writing persuasively, and with authority (i.e. not becoming a hype artist) is not an easy undertaking.

That’s just the start. I’m not even addressing the place of GoogleMyBusiness, other local listings sites, industry sites, site and server speed + security, back end automation practices … and more.

Oh, and the cohesiveness required for all those pieces to work together.

I could go on.

It’s enough to make you want to just …

But you don’t have to struggle to master all of these disciplines anymore.

All you need is someone to point the way.

Grab time with us ASAP, as our calendar is filling up.

You don’t have to become a client of ours for us to offer you a simple audit and analysis of where you should be focusing your attention.

But our coaches are getting booked out rapidly, the NEXT tax season is bearing down upon us, and the ones who will thrive during the current upheaval in our industry … are the ones who can put these skills to use.

Let’s talk soon.


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