Making All Things New

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If you’ve been reading my emails for any length of time, you’ve likely figured out that my particular faith tradition is Christian. That is, I make it my goal in life to follow Christ, wherever he might lead.
And, of course, I fail regularly in this pursuit.
That’s one of the many reasons Christmas is so special to me– it’s a story of redemption … and the birth of something astonishingly different and powerful.
We all need THAT, in my opinion.
And I, also, love my friends from different (or none) faith backgrounds. That’s why I wholeheartedly exclaim, “Happy Hanukkah, Happy Al-Hijira and Joyful Festivus, etc” to you, if you come from those traditions. Despite appearances, I don’t mean that as a token gesture — we here at AdvisorProMarketer wish you a deeply joyful season.
I do love Christmas, though. Though I’m actually a kind of “Santa grinch” … at the risk of being offensive (I suppose I risk that regularly), I just sort of get annoyed by this massive scam perpetrated on our kids. Yes, it IS sweet…but come on–a funny old man driving an 18th-century vehicle propelled by flying artic beasts and alighting on *every* roof on the planet to deliver the EXACT presents desired by its youthful inhabitants?
It’s almost as if we’re training our kids to be skeptical of *everything* we say! But shoot … I don’t judge those who play along. I gobbled up the story as a child, and I don’t believe I’m disproportionately scarred. 🙂
But here’s what I DO want to emphasize to my children–and to you: Now is the perfect time to make things new.
For your personal life, your marriage, your family … and your business. I’m so grateful that we might be a team that can help you, as you do so.
We do NOT take it for granted, and we look forward to coming alongside you and your team … and helping you make 2013 your best tax season yet.
Don’t hesitate to email or call … and we’ll talk again soon.

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