How Can I Tell You This Story?

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I’m wracking my brain for how I can concisely tell you the story of my time here in Africa, and how to tie it up in an actionable strategy for how you can grow your firm.
But, if you’ll pardon the cliche, words are failing this ol’ copywriting expert, for once!
I’ve actually kept my eyes and ears very open during our time here in Uganda (we’re adopting two girls–more about that in
a moment), and there are many strategic, tactical and psychological insights I’m excited to share.

OR … there are those miraculous moments along the way.
Like the time when we were rushing down the road to make our court appointment in a distant city, a tire pops, and I call
some friends who were coming from a different area, hours away — and they “happened” to be exactly 300 yards behind us.
[We made that court date.]

Or the time our car broke down in the middle of the savannah of Ugandan’s main animal reserve (right next to a pond teeming
with hippos), with no help for many kilometers (this is Brit-land, after all). The park gates were to close (for ALL) at 7PM, and
we were an hours drive to the Nile, a ferry ride, plus another 2 hours to the gate from there. And it was 3PM. Fortunately, the HEAD of tourism for Uganda’s national park heard about our plight, not only escorted us through the gate, but drove us an
additional 1.5 hours to our hotel (we had yet another court appointment the next morning — made it!).

Honestly though — here is the greatest miracle I can think to share with you: Yesterday, the Ugandan judge granted our request for legal guardianship of two beautiful girls. This means that we can now return (once we get visas squared away),
and adopt these two great ones into our family.

What makes this so significant is that in Uganda, judges have the freedom to say “no” — and some are, indeed, doing so. Or,
they are requiring that families live here for 3 years before they can leave the country with their children.

We were prepared to do WHATEVER it took — but it sure feels nice to be able to come home soon.
Naturally, I will have a celebration, but in the meantime go here:
That’s the website my team and I put together some months ago for my wife’s blog — and she made an incredibly moving
video (and yes–I’m extremely biased).

Go check out a pretty neat story, drop a comment … and I’ll be back next week with some strategic thoughts from Africa.
Right now, I’m too overwhelmed.

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