Harnessing New Client Traffic With Online Tax & CPA Firm Marketing

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Honestly consider your tax or CPA firm marketing and answer this question:

Do you have an overall online presence that actually brings in new clients to your practice?

Notice that in that question I did not ask about or utter the word “website.”

That’s because while having a great, conversion-oriented website is an important component of any online strategy for tax or CPA firm marketing, you might have noticed that there are LOTS of places people go now to find great professionals.

To find a tax professional or an accountant NOW, business owners and consumers will …

  • Ask their friends on Facebook (do you have a robust page there?)
  • Look at the reviews and listings on GoogleMyBusiness (which show up in Google Maps and in organic search results — especially on mobile)
  • Go to Yelp or other such review platforms
  • Go to “plain old” Google.com (and find your website — HOPEFULLY, if you have implemented effective Search Engine Optimization [SEO])
  • Contact the tax professional who has maintained a good relationship with them in their email inbox
  • Proceed according to recommendations from trusted friends (and hopefully, you are nurturing relationships with your clients in an ongoing manner so that YOU are the go-to recommendation)
  • Look in the yellow pages

Ok, just kidding about that last one. 🙂

The point is this:

New client traffic now comes from a VARIETY of different online sources.

And you need a strategy for each one.

Which is a substantial undertaking … UNLESS you can find a proven provider who can manage every aspect of this on your behalf (and more).

The good news is that you have already found them.

If you’d like to talk about how we can do this on your behalf, book a time with one of my team members right here: www.TalkToTPM.com

CPA firm marketing

This online marketing machine includes…

  1. A beautiful, conversion-oriented main firm website with SEO & UXO
  2. Relational, automated follow-up system with leads (via our proprietary email marketing system)
  3. Fully-managed social media presence (that also captures leads)
  4. Massively-optimized local listings footprint so that you show up in the “top 3” of maps/local searches
  5. Robust search engine optimization (SEO) that achieves market dominance for you.

And more, of course.

You can talk to one of my team members in the AdvisorProMarketer family about how this can all be built on your behalf — with all of the custom content made completely for you — by clicking below…

Talk to TPM

It would be really smart to get the details on how this can be done, completely on your behalf.

Here are a few more stories from your tax professional colleagues (your competition?) who have used our tax and CPA firm marketing services…

There has been a noticeable uptick in prospects from online searches. A client found me that way and contacted me to request the interview. OH, and this client specifically mentioned that he was reading my blog and some of the things about the new tax legislation as one of the reasons he decided to reach out to me.” -Kyle N, CPA

“I have never gotten so many new clients, as I have this year, in between tax seasons! They’re all telling me that they found me through Google.” -Randall H

“Within one week, one of my prospects was able to go to my new website through your emails you sent out. They thought the video was excellent and professionally done, and I got a new client from the process.” – David F

You guys are doing a GREAT job with our website! Almost everyone I talk to says WOW and asks how I do it. Being my modest self, as Nate will attest to, I take the credit. 🙂 Seriously, I do tell them about my team behind the scenes.” -Jon N, CPA

There’s plenty more where that came from. Will you be next?

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