Gratitude Is The Key To Lasting Business Success

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It’s a crying shame that the only time we seem to talk about gratitude in the business world is this week.

It pains me when I see young entrepreneurs and grizzled veterans walking around conference hallways, strolling through exhibit halls, talking to me after talks I give … and I see that haunted look, the grasping urgency — even in the eyes of people who have “made it”.

Never grateful for what they already have, they keep circling the merry-go-round for another crack at that proverbial brass ring.

Too many of them don’t understand: gratitude — and its first cousin, humility — are the secret key to lasting business success.

One of my great privileges is communicating on behalf of the hundreds of advisory firms who trust me and my team of 11 humble rockstars to communicate on their behalf to their clients.

I do NOT take for granted that you have chosen us to walk with you as we give you advice and help take care of your business. It’s hard to trust your “baby” (your business) to another, and we don’t take it lightly.

And maybe you can relate to this one: I also look back this week on the journey to get here. As anyone who runs their own business will agree, it’s a giant leap to go out “on your own”. I still remember what it was like to take this dream I had for my firm and put it into reality. I was a little bit scared, but I was hopeful. I remember the friends and other business-owners who helped me along the way … and how risky it all seemed.

The risk DID pay off of course, and I’m happy about what we’ve been able to create around here. Now we get to be the ones helping people pursue THEIR dreams.

In our case, AdvisorProMarketer started as a little dream back in 2007. Thirteen years later, I couldn’t be more grateful.

But may my gratitude — and yours — never end. Amen.



Nate Hagerty
CEO, AdvisorProMarketer

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