Emotional Cripples in The Tax Industry

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There is very good news for the smart tax professional.
Most of your competitors are emotionless lumps.
There, I said it.
Look, I’ve worked in our industry for a decade, and I’ve met with and coached hundreds (yay, thousands) of tax professionals in my day.
It’s no secret that many who make our living with forms, spreadsheets and numbers aren’t in this game because they were drawn to the exciting social opportunities.
Which is why when you communicate in such a way that connects with your clients’ and prospects’  emotional core that you stand out in the crowd like a burning and shining lamp.
Further, when you are able to make an emotional connection to the benefits of your services, and what you ACTUALLY provide your clients then when you put out any kind of marketing communication, you are tapping into the primal logic of your readers and clients.
You may think you provide tax and financial services, but here’s what you REALLY provide:

  • Peace of mind
  • Security
  • Financial stability
  • A workable plan
  • A port in the storm

Et cetera.
That’s why tax professionals who understand this dynamic far outstrip their competitors. That’s why our material and our core services have been designed to connect with your clients’ core emotions and those who use them report a more loyal, referral-happy client list than is normal for our industry.
Lastly, using emotional benefits in your advertising is BETTER for your clients and prospects.
In a world of far too many choices, your prospects and clients are bewildered by the vast assortment of options. Recent research, however, shows that people are HAPPIER with the choices they make when the emotional cortex is engaged.
Those who used primarily emotion rather than primarily logic made more consistent choices. And consistency is one of the hallmarks of a “rational actor.” In other words, the “emotional” people made more “rational” choices than those who focused on rationality!
In an ultra-competitive environment, a quality product or service is an indisputable market obligation (and I’d say an ethical obligation as well). But given how we actually operate as human beings in the face of overwhelming choice, isn’t a communication approach that bonds emotionally with our prospective clients also a market obligation?
Perhaps even an ethical one?
Let us help you do this — and win in your marketplace.

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