Do you know how your clients *feel* right now?

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“While we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside us.”
– Benjamin Franklin
You’re probably still dealing with tax season “hangover” to a certain degree…and you may not be trolling for any new ideas right about now.
Your bank balance is either fatter than it’s been in some months (or about to become so)…or you’re looking at numbers that you wish were higher.
Either way–you can either accept the status quo, or do something to grow those numbers.
We had our monthly Clients-Only coaching call yesterday, and the conversation brought out the reality that even though the economy maybe, perhaps, could be improving…your clients will suffer through their own little hangover for a while–a Recession Hangover.
They’re still thinking: We should be a little less ‘loose’ with our spending for a while until this thing blows over.
So what are you going to do about it, Test?
Well, I’ll tell ya. Oh, and by implementing what I’m about to share, you’ll guarantee your firm’s ability to create offseason revenue SURGES…instead of the previously-inevitable drip of cash decline.
Anyway…back to your clients’ current state-of-mind. Read on…
How To Get In Your Clients’ Heads To Ensure Retention & Offseason Revenue
The classic tax professional mailing for May consists of either of the following things:
1) A bill (unless you already got paid up front).
2) Nothing.
If you follow that model this year, you’re toast.
Why would I say that? Well, consider consumer behavior during a recession…
Let’s say they’re shopping for some product or some such…like a digital camera, or a new computer. They’ll spend time comparing different options, and weighing them against their budget. And that budget plays a big role these days. Consumers–and this is true with business owners as well–are looking for differentiation by which they can make their decisions.
But in YOUR business, it actually *is* different. How would a client “comparison shop” a tax professional…or really ANY service professional?
They don’t.
They make their decision based on perceived value, or on relationship (through a referral, or because you have somehow built a relationship with them through your marketing). And once they’ve made the decision for tax prep, you don’t get a crack at them for many months.
So what’s their perception after the transaction is complete? If all you do is send them a bill (or nothing at all), they’re left feeling a little cold. EVEN if they got a refund, that number is reduced because of your fees…which leaves them considering you as a cost.
And that’s a dangerous place to live.
The answer is to do something pro-active about their state-of-mind, and address it right out of the gate.
If you’ve already sent the bills out (or handed it to the client with their completed paperwork), you MUST do something to change that feeling…and it better be soon.
A very good option is to work on building your relationship around something besides the tax work that you did for them–deliver value, be authentic, demonstrate warmth and personality. Print newsletters, email marketing, social media–be more than a commodity to your clients by communicating understanding of how they FEEL in this environment.
Build a “herd” of clients who trust and follow you because you “feed” them well. A varied diet of real-world advice, affirmation and understanding and clear direction.
Start with sending them a warm “THANK YOU” for their business. Flee like the proverbial bat out of hell from the normal corporate-y pabulum: We appreciate your business and strive to over-deliver on your expectations for a tax preparation firm.
BE A REAL PERSON! Write them a conversational, warm thank you letter, and invite their feedback in an open, simple process.
Neglect this at your peril.
Why is this so important? Well, aside from shifting this “feelings” paradigm, you’re ensuring that you’re well-positioned to have them trust you MORE during the offseason…and set you up for fantastic revenue opportunities that you’ve likely never tried.
But that’s a subject for future weeks (very soon, in fact).
Get this right, and you’ll soon reverse any cash decline and build a business which kicks this recession in the teeth.
But it starts now.

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