Digital Dominance Method: How Your Tax or Accounting Firm Marketing Can Help You Own Every Important Online Asset

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-person solo shop or a 20+ employee operation.

Owning a tax or accounting firm means one thing: you need clients.

You need people who need you. It’s just the reality of owning a tax or accounting practice.

So what’s your plan?

How do you set up your tax or accounting firm marketing to keep the clients coming in?

Do you have a system in place to attract clients? Something you can repeat as needed so the pipeline stays full?

What’s the procedure for finding more referrals?

How do you grab the attention of “window shoppers” who aren’t ready to commit to an appointment but might be researching info about a tax or accounting issue?

Instead of putting all of your tax or accounting firm marketing chips onto “one” strategy, why not have a way to master them all?

… a method to stay at the head of the pack, no matter what new and shiny object comes tumbling along, and consistently generate (lasting) results in bringing in new business.

… one that isn’t reliant upon a single source of leadflow.

… and one that doesn’t require hours of manual effort on your part to make it work?

This is the Digital Dominance Method.

It’s a strategy that has legs. That’s because it’s not about a silver bullet, or a packaging/positioning strategy.

It’s a long-term play. AND a short-term win.

This methodology has generated 38,313 prospect phone calls (i.e. LEADS) for a targeted group of our clients over the past 9 months. Which comes out to more than 40 leads per month — on AVERAGE — for these particular firms.

You’ll walk away from this webinar with actionable steps to implement right away PLUS a free tool that will show you a specific roadmap for your online presence.

Join us, and see what we mean.

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