Congratulations, Tax Professionals!

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What is once well done is done forever.    – Henry David Thoreau
Tax season is OVER!
Now the real work begins–securing your gains, shoring up your losses…and setting up your firm for surges in offseason revenue, and longer-term health for your firm through the next few years.
We’ll talk about that more in the next weeks and months…but in the meantime, I wanted to touch base and express my warm congratulations.
Chances are good that you’re reading this in a sleepy haze–or weeks after I’m writing it–but that’s alright. No need to focus today.
Put your feet up and ENJOY this weekend, and the next week too.
Time enough for strategy and evaluation then.
Now–take a well-deserved vacation, and enjoy the fruit of your labors!
Oh, and let me know if you have any questions–we’re here for you.

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