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“Once the game is over, the king and the pawn go back in the same box.”- Anonymous
And then there were two (Days, that is, left in tax season).
At this point, your head is down and you’re likely in survival mode–which is fine for what it is…as long as this doesn’t last beyond next week!
The point I’d like to get across to you today is that though time is short NOW, how you handle it “in the fire” says alot about how you’ll handle it OUT of the fire.
So, this is a quick message for you about using your time WELL these last few days…and beyond.
Not Enough Time?
Most people feel life is too short, there’s not enough time to do what you want to do. Most folks come to the end of their life feeling like they never did most of the things they hoped. There just wasn’t enough time.
I say there IS enough time. I say time is *plentiful* for those who act purposefully.
Why do I say that?
Because 50% of what gets accomplished happens in 1% of your time.
Which means if you replace ONE hour per day of mindlessly checking email, channel surfing and internet time-wasting … or if you just DELEGATE one hour per day of $10 per hour tasks and tackle $1000 per hour projects instead–you’ll double your productivity.
First you must put a HIGH value on your time.
You need to say NO to more people.
You need to unsubscribe from more time-wasting emails.
You must move more and more $10/hour tasks off your plate to make room for the big stuff.
You plan your work every day, and work your plan. Get that stuff checked off your list.
Oddly, another secret to super productivity is taking time OFF.
I generally make it a habit to do no work on Sundays–and, hopefully, Saturdays. I feel no guilt whatsoever about taking a 2 hour nap or doing some completely mindless or stupid activity. One day a week I say NO to all work.
Saying “NO” is one of the most powerful things you do in business, or in life. Taking one day off every week and just enjoying yourself, taking a spiritual break and being with your family is one of the secrets to squeezing ALL the juice out of this orange called life. Even during tax season.
There’s plenty of time. As long as you prize it highly.

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