Bah Humbug

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Actually, I LOVE Christmas … but I know that for many of us in the tax industry, it’s a bit like the calm before the storm. Sometimes it’s hard to enjoy all the merriment when you know you’re staring down the barrel of a big fat load of work in the next four months.
BUT, of course, it’s also the time when all of those seeds you’ve been sowing come to harvest.
And one of those seeds, if you water it properly, can be your online marketing.
Yesterday, we conducted a webinar with hundreds of tax professionals about doing this REALLY well. Sadly, the first 20 minutes (during which I covered some big picture considerations, and also discussed lead capture) were not captured in the recording, but I’ve added the missing slides, as well as the rest of the (complimentary) recording right here:
Also, we unveiled an almost-finished design for a brand new website for your firm, a screenshot of which you can view right here:
When you watch that webinar, you’ll see that I make a pretty unbelievable offer for us to completely handle your online marketing on your behalf, AND in such a way that you don’t have to invest much until you’re already beginning to harvest, and your cashflow is better than it would be right now.
It’s truly worth checking out:
Secondly, as you are making your marketing plans, I want to again remind you about our brand new direct mail dashboard, which makes creating an ROI with direct mail VASTLY simpler and easier. Here’s where you can access that:
Lastly, I’m so grateful for you. As I gather with my family for the holidays next week, looking at my newest son (my fifth … but the first through conception, after eleven years of trying!), I’m profoundly aware of my blessings. What a gift it is that I get to come alongside so many hard-working, honest and wonderful professionals and help them to achieve their dreams. Thank you for your trust. I’ll be in touch more later next week.
God bless you, and your firm…

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