As your screen fills with Thanksgiving …

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… I thought I’d like to join the chorus.

I love that here, this week, we have a shared expression of gratitude that pulls all of us out of the mundanity of our existence.

No matter your creed, Eucharisteo, as the ancient Greeks saw it, is a lifting of our heads to recognize that all that we have, and all that we are, did not come from sheer force of our own will. We give thanks to our God, to our community and family, to friends — all so that we might remember that we are not an island. As romantic as the picture of the valiant entrepreneur may be in our culture, the fact remains that we are all a product of so many forces beyond ourselves that this process of “giving thanks” is but a scratching of the top of the beginning of the surface.

For my part, I’m grateful to the (1,000+, as of this past week) advisory professionals who have trusted us with their messaging, their precious livelihood and, sometimes, their hearts, hopes and dreams. I’m grateful for you …

And I almost didn’t write this note — since just Monday I wrote a very similar note that our clients have us send along to their list. In my mind, that was almost enough. Because as we get to be the mouthpiece for so many advisory firms across the continent, we throw our soul into the work that we do; we feel it deeply.

But it isn’t enough — I have to say it. Thank you, dear reader …


From my staff, and my family to yours: may your table be full, your soul even fuller and your eyes lifted high.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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