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I have some thoughts on why live, in-person events are terrible… and they aren’t because of a lack of tax knowledge. Maybe the reason why the IRS Forums stayed virtual this year is that they heard from their constituents how unproductive, boring, and useless they can be

Hot take: Going to live, in-person events to get content (or earn CPE) is a waste of resources, energy, and time.

The talks are usually mind-crushingly boring, the food mediocre, and at other events, they just wanna SELL, SELL, SELL.

Hard pass.

These are all big reasons we’ve never hosted an in-person event.

But what if we did it differently?

Well, now we are. Introducing …

The Knowledge Share Extravaganza

Instead of dry, boring lectures (that are better found at virtual events and archives), we and our partners at Pronto Tax School are kicking off something that will facilitate connections, action plans, and profitability. An opportunity for you to share your own expert tax knowledge and do it right.

Despite my subject line, I have to say that so many of the great things that have happened to me personally as well as the professional success we’ve had as an agency is because of the people we’ve met — often at conferences.

You can’t actually replicate the human connection with virtual events or zoom meetings. You can’t get the kind of instant feedback, accountability, and knowledge share that you can in-person.

As long, of course, as the organizers understand these dynamics.

And we do.

More information about what we’re cooking can be found right here.

Existing agency clients get half-off tickets (discount expires August 7th), and we’ve kept the ticket prices affordable for everybody.

This first event will be intimate — we’re capping attendance at 200.

But if you want to get a flavor for what it will be like, check out the replay of the webinar we did with our partners yesterday right here.

But don’t dally … scores of Extravaganza seats have already been taken after yesterday’s webinar. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to glean and share some expert tax knowledge while making the kind of connections that will spur your business on.

Grab yours now.

See you in San Diego …

Serve the world unselfishly and profit.

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