After almost twelve years of marriage…

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And now for something a little different…
If you’ve followed my writings for any length of time, you know that I make no secret about our adoption journey (which has brought us four beautiful children from Ethiopia and Uganda), and all of the miracles we experienced along the way.
Yes, it’s a bit of a departure from the normal fare you might expect from a marketer, but I’ve always believed that there is no “bright line” which needs to separate our private and our business lives.
In fact, that strategy has actually served me quite well from a business standpoint, but I’d still do it, either way.
And I’d like to share, today, something beautiful.
My wife and I have been married for almost twelve years, and it’s my belief that God closed our womb so that these children would come into our family. Among other reasons.
We simply funneled any of the money that we might spend on fertility treatments towards bringing incredible former-orphans into our family.
But we never gave up hope for a child from our womb.
Perhaps there’s something that you have struggled for — over many years — fighting with every ounce of your heart to hold onto hope?
Then may I suggest you read … this.
(The link will take you to my wife’s beautiful — and faith-oriented — blog, so if that may bother you, you’ve been duly warned. I make no pretense about how we orient our lives, but I also know that some don’t choose the same orientation. I hope you can still share in the joy of a long-awaited miracle, regardless of your perspective.)
Many marketers I know run some sort of celebratory “sale” around such news, and I considered that … (and I’m not above doing that!)
… but this felt like something I just wanted you to revel in with me.
So no sale today. Just joy.
And hope … no longer deferred.
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