A tax marketing growth checklist for you

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We’re rounding the corner, aren’t we?

Thanksgiving comes this week … then the holiday rush is upon us … then, well … it’s GO TIME.

It’s very tempting to take this time between the just-completed extension season and the beginning of January to rest and let what comes of tax season be of the harvest which you may have reaped from last year, and over the course of this calendar year.

That would be a critical mistake.

I have two BIG resources headed your way in December. One relates to sprucing up your online marketing presence to become a lead-magnetizing machine (a brand new webinar). The other will be about how you can BLANKET your market area with extremely low-cost direct mail and get bushels of new clients streaming into your office(s). You’ll hear from me soon about these two important resources.

However, there are other aspects of preparation that are equally as important.

You need to prepare yourself and your team in the following critical categories (in fact, use this as a little checklist in your strategic marketing preparations)

1) Salesmanship (over the phone, over email, and in print)

2) Precision targeting your prospects (i.e. understanding exactly the “who” your business should be approaching)

3) Referral stimulation within your existing list

4) Using your tax-season meetings to “upsell” your existing (and new) clients into other profitable services

5) Raising your fees

6) Testing new client acquisition marketing in a variety of media

If you have a WRITTEN plan for these 6 areas, you will be poised for breakthrough come tax season.

And feel free to send any ideas my way, or if you want to talk over anything in particular, I do have a few openings in December for this: http://AdvisorProMarketer.com/coaching/

But whatever you do … don’t do nothing.

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