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At this point, chances are that you’ve completed a decent number of returns for your clients, and you’ve got a bunch more in the queue.
Are you thanking them?
This is an often-overlooked strategy for “sticking” your clients, and there’s usually a great reason for it–you’re slammed!
But if you miss this base, you’re missing out on easy opportunities to gather testimonials, stimulate referrals and “upsell” your clients into other, profitable services. And that’s not even taking into consideration the obvious benefit of “touching” them again WITHOUT sending them a bill:).
Here’s an example of an email (or a letter) you could send. This one works best as a second follow-up, after an initial, simple “thank you”.
Subject: [FIRSTNAME], would you do me a quick favor?
Many of our clients gladly refer their friends and family our way, without being asked (or rewarded). It’s a great compliment to my staff, really, who go out of their way to make sure our clients receive “top shelf” treatment every time.
But I thought I could ask you directly: would you tell your friends and family about us? Perhaps some of them are procrastinating this year — well, we can still help!
In fact, for every friend or family member you send our way who was *not* one of our clients last year, we will generously reward you! We do this because we’ve found that clients that are referred to us are often our favorite clients…and we’d much rather reward YOU for sending them to us, then have to pay an arm and a leg on expensive advertising!
Here’s What To Do Next…
[FIRSTNAME], I’ve taken the liberty of writing a brief email, on your behalf, which you are (of course) free to customize and send to your contacts. It’s below.
There’s more to it, but you get the idea.
“Yes, Nate, but do I really have time for this?” Probably not … which is why we do what we do!
See, I do all this for you–and much more, when you get started with the Email Marketing Revolution. It’s just one of the many reasons our clients are raving about this program!
We provide a 3-step email sequence which not only thanks your clients for trusting you with their financial lives–but gathers testimonials, truly stimulates referrals and gives you an *automatic* opportunity for upselling your clients into additional services. This, in addition, of course to the “one-of-a-kind” authoritative and relational emails we send to your clients on a weekly basis.
Get started here–> http://www.StartEmailingNow.com
When you  join us, you’ll not only have access to this “thank you” sequence, but our *exclusive* Free Reports and convert-your-visitors-to-clients sequence, automatic birthday greetings, additional “blast” emails, and proprietary capture boxes for your existing website!
And, of course, the weekly emails. All done for you, and easily paid-for when you retain or add ONE additional client. But regardless of whether we do it for you, you really must have a system in place to thank your clients after the fact.
Something that ain’t just a bill!
Kick some butt out there.

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