A Quick Retention Strategy

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With the AICPA and the NATP agitating for an extension of the April 15th deadline, the PPP second draw, the ARP, and more … WHO KNOWS what the next 6 weeks will look like?

Regardless — it’s your job, as the owner, to ensure that your practice is optimizing this moment to its fullest.

If you want some help thinking through the BEST way to do this for YOUR practice … well, that’s exactly why we offer you a (free) Leadflow Acceleration Session.

Use it.

But further along these lines, I thought I’d offer you something we did every tax season (that works like gangbusters).

You have a list of clients who used your services in some capacity last year. (If you don’t have that list easily accessible, that’s Job One.) That list is, by far, your greatest asset — no matter the stage of your practice.

So the next step is to identify someone on your staff with a sunny phone disposition, and set them aside to make outbound calls.

If you DON’T have someone like that on your staff A) that’s a problem, but more importantly — B) hire one on a temporary basis, with a small hourly rate, and bonus them for each client they successfully bring in.

This is a very easy job to “on ramp” an assistant into your practice.

Below, you will find a sample script you can use to call the clients. The main things you want to do when you call them are:

1) Develop a sense of urgency (do this by offering them the discount ONLY if they come in or schedule an appointment by a certain date) and

2) Get a definite time when they agree to come in (this will give them further incentive to come in because you will have created a sense of obligation).

Hello Mr./Mrs._____________. My name is (John). I’m calling from the ABC-ACCOUNTING office. You’ve been a great client for us in the past, and I wanted to get in touch with you before things get too late this season. Has anything changed for you that would affect your taxes this year?

(If YES): You’re probably going to need help filling out those new forms so you can get the most money back from the IRS, aren’t you Mr./Mrs._________?

Well, we get really busy in April before the IRS tax deadline so we’re calling our clients now so they can get the best possible service. Would you like more personalized service now before we get too busy?

(If NO): Well, there’s been a flood of new tax law changes this year, and we know about them and how they can save you from paying too much to the IRS. That’s something you’d like, right?


So, would you like more personalized service now before we get too busy?


Great. If you can get your stuff together, and we can meet to file your taxes by next ___________, I can offer you a gift certificate towards our fees. Does that sound good to you?


Great. Tell your team member that you want the “[CALLER’S NAME] Deal,” and we’ll make sure you get that applied to our fees when we meet with you by next _______. I’m writing your name down on our list so we can verify your arrangement. We’ll look forward to seeing you then.

IF nobody picks up, leave this on the voice mail…

“Hey Mr./Mrs.________. This is (John) from the ABC-ACCOUNTING office. Call me by [next day] so I can tell you about the special offer we’re making to our existing clients. There is a deadline, so call me at [NUMBER] by tomorrow. Thanks! Have a great day!

The main thing to do with this is to make calls
with enthusiasm, to have FUN doing it, and to see how many existing clients your office can bring in during March … so your last week of tax season isn’t overwhelmed by procrastinators.

Even if the deadline is extended into June (as seems likely), you can optimize your client list NOW and offer your best attention to your most complicated clients.

I know this will help — if you implement.

Let me know if you have specific questions about marketing strategy or about our services that I can address in the future.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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