A Friendly Note For Tax & Accounting Professionals

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There are two things I wanted you to know about today.
This past week, my COO and I hosted a series of webinars, on “The Ultimate Online Marketing Blueprint for Tax & Accounting Professionals”.
It was for small groups (under 100), and we received great feedback on them.
So, we’re doing them again, and will have them roll every day (yes, it takes work, but this is important stuff). TONS of great content that my subscribers must take into account this summer, with all of the changes happening online.
Register right here: http://www2.onlinemeetingnow.com/register/?id=3feb302edb
Secondly, I was invited to write a posting for a Christian marketplace ministry blog, run by some great old friends. They wanted me to focus on the practicals (instead of spiritual things), and I considered re-writing it for a “tax” focus for you, but it’s actually directly applicable as it is and you should just read what I wrote there.
It’s about what we’ve seen in the trenches of email marketing on behalf of our clients, and in our own business. All practicals [nothing in there to proselytize you, or anything like that :)].
Check it out now, and enjoy!
OH, and don’t forget to sign up for one of those (complimentary) content webinars:

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