A Fond Farewell To Melissa Kelly

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Today is a bittersweet day here around AdvisorProMarketer.
Melissa Kelly (née Wagner) has been an integral, full-time staff member with us for almost four years, and today is her last day.
She goes with her bosses (me and Troy) kicking and screaming (occasionally begging) about her exit, but she is moving on to pursue a career working with children in a non-profit capacity. She has no specific plans at this point to that end, but we are sending her off with our enthusiastic blessings. She has truly been a remarkable staff member and will be successful in whatever venture she pursues.
In preparation for her departure, a few weeks ago we brought on a couple new staff members with whom you will likely be interacting in the future months. Jodi Schipper will be our primary Social Media Coordinator, and a part of our client care team. She is a seasoned professional and is skilled at interacting with and managing multiple projects — plus she’s simply a joy to speak with. Kristen Soenen is taking over as our primary Client Accounts Coordinator, and will be directly assisting Troy and myself on a variety of projects. She also has broad experience, including administering events of 25,000+ attendees (a future AdvisorProMarketer meetup, perhaps?), laying concrete, and many other things in between. She’s a remarkable woman, as is Jodi.
Anyway, many of our clients have grown close with Melissa over the years (understandably so), and I wanted to write you personally to A) give you the opportunity to send her a note if you felt so inclined — her email (melissa@AdvisorProMarketer.com) will still operate, and we will forward any personal notes her way if you choose to send them.
Lastly, as many of you have probably experienced at some point in running your business, we have been moving responsibilities around to account for her impending absence (and, actually, are excited about some of the shifts being implemented), but would ask for some grace over the next couple weeks as we navigate this transition of such a key staff person. If you have a pressing matter, rather than calling and leaving a message (which is still fine), I suggest you utilize our Live Chat feature on our website or send us an email at support@AdvisorProMarketer.com over the next week or so.
Anyway, thanks for indulging this sappy ol’ boss. Melissa, we love you and you will be missed!

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