2023 Tax Busy Season Predictions

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I was talking with a client the other day, and he told me that he and his office had one of the BEST tax busy seasons in memory — smooth systems, greater profit, good leads flowing like water, and more profitable than ever.

But if you look at #TaxTwitter … the story is a little different.

Many talked about how this year was “The WorSt tAx seASon In a gEneRAtioN!”

And there are a bunch of reasons to account for widely divergent experiences, relating to positioning, client communication (or lack thereof), pricing, staffing, and more.

But no matter what kind of practice you operate, you will be struck by industry and market forces out of your control during tax busy season.

And I want to help you in the professional accounting and tax service industry see what’s coming.

After 19 years in the tax and accounting industry, I’ve learned to see where things are going FAR better than I used to be able to.

I’m connected to software execs, thought leaders, coaches, journalists and, of course, THOUSANDS of practitioners like you (this broadcast goes to 28,568 members of our little community at TaxProMarketer.com).

I recently held a webinar with my friend Andy Frye of Pronto Tax School about what we’re seeing ahead for the industry and into next year’s tax busy season.

Andy is a longtime client of TPM and has himself built a massive following within the industry because of his reputation for serving other pros, freely offering his knowledge and experience (he runs a large, multi-office tax practice in Los Angeles), and helping people smooth out their operational and staff challenges.

We rubbed our 2023 Tax Season Crystal Ball and shared the picture that is taking shape. We talked about:

* How tax business owners can get ahead of their competitors NOW to offload their terrible clients and prepare themselves to onboard BETTER clients than they’ve previously dealt with

* What we’re hearing about IRS staffing levels, potential (radical) tax code changes, and industry-wide speculation about what’s coming down the pike

* The BEST ways to prepare over the following months for what is to come

We also announced details about a special live, IN-PERSON event in San Diego that is unlike anything else currently available to tax and accounting pros. The Knowledge Share Extravaganza Tax Pro Conference is an interactive conference where tax practitioners can turn information into client happiness and successful, authoritative marketing of their expertise. Tickets are limited and only available a short time. 

We’re doing all this so that you (and us here at TPM) can all enjoy less stress and more success during your busy season.

Serve the world unselfishly, and profit…

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