17 Days Left In Tax Season…A Word

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Though April Fools jokes abound today, I was thinking of you (really, all of my clients this morning), during my morning reading time, and I read this.
With you in crunch time right now, I thought it was appropriate…
Before we part, a word upon the graver teaching of the mountains.
See yonder height! ‘Tis far away–unbidden comes the word, “Impossible!”
“Not so,” says the mountaineer. “The way is long, I know; it’s difficult–it may be
dangerous. It’s possible, I’m sure. I’ll seek the way, take counsel of my brother
mountaineers, and find out how they have gained similar heights … we know that
each height, each step, must be gained by patient, laborious toil, and that wishing
cannot take the place of working … and we come back to our daily occupations
better fitted to fight the battle of life and to overcome the impediments which
obstruct our paths, strengthened and cheered by the recollections of past labors
and by the memories of victories gained in other fields.
(Edward Whymper, Scrambles Amongst the Alps)

… you’ve got 17 days left in tax season. Make them count. Because you’ll look back on this period with regret … or with triumph.

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